Letter: I tiad a the Same Ole UDP…


Dear Editor,

I tiad a the Same Ole UDP…

The UDP placed out an official notice some days ago that finally they have 31 candidates in line to be massacred. So the UDP was not governing Belize. They were, all this time, looking for 31 standard bearers to attempt to fool Belize into a state of imagination that the Best is Yet to be Come. The list is basically all known names.

In the least innovative of announcements, the idealess UDP had nothing to offer Belize. There is no plan, no new candidates and no change to their corrupt ways. They still have no leader. Two conventions gave them a 72hr leader and a leader elect, respectively.

The UDP can frustrate us some more each time they remind us what each of the 31 has done in the field of corruption and ineptitude but let us keep with the last three. Faber, we would like to talk about your plan free candidacy but that would be another letter.

The last three that will save their money instead of going into a convention are Dr. Angel Campos of Free Zone and Ministry of Health infamy.

Then, Papa Mena who rubbed a little off Mason as well is staying put. He didn’t do anything for Dangriga so he is perfect fit for the UDP.

Lastly, the socks man himself, the Minister of self-development Boots Martinez who was literally chased away from Port by the people of Port and Gilroy Usher. The latest is that Boots was also chased from Pickstock.

Campos, Mena and Martinez are doing their best to collect the last that they can. They realize that the last slush they will receive will be their last ever from a UDP campaigning for a possibly showing in 2030. The UDP done. I am with the PUP the UDP… Dehn got to go!

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Thanks Editor,

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