Letter: UDP bleeding everything for cash


Dear Editor,

Our land of the free is being rented. I heard them PM at a Press Conference, as Faber sat to the side all accepting, that if you are rich and have a plane you can come into our Belize.

He even set up some private rules only for them. These rules are definitely not public.

Did the oversight committees accept these? Was the Opposition consulted?

It hurts whenever the rich are given priority to do whatever they want to this country. There is still a doubt…who brought in the coronavirus that is raging across Belize now? Many are saying that it came from this private jet. Now the PM confessed that Heredia brought in a person from St. Louis…or somewhere in the US.

I see it this way…Border migrants are blamed except if you flew in with loads of money to give to a few…probably UDP.

When will the UDP rule end?

The matter really isn’t the private planes, nor the passengers nor the coronavirus they could be bringing. The matter is an administration that does not care for all that either. They care for what they can do to make money even if it meaning cheating at our most sacred of our institutions–our elections.

After too many years, the UDP cannot plan nor execute plans so they attack our democracy.


Am Seriously Concerned