Questions to Ministers


  1. Will the Minister of Police please inform the head of the Criminal Investigation Branch to provide Belizeans with all the details of the incident that led to Pablo Marin shooting a Belizean citizen, including all the information on the number of shots and exactly where the shots entered the body?
  2. Will the Minister of Culture and UDP Leader elect Patrick Faber please tell the nation exactly how much was paid to Shensea for her song and will he also not agree that there are many talented Belizean musicians who could use the work?
  3. Where is the Minister of State for Trade, Tracy Taegar? Was she involved in the deal that saw the sale of a few heads of cattle to Mexico?
  4. Will the Minister of Labour Carla Barnett, who is also the minister with responsibility for the unemployment relief, please inform the Belizean people how many Belizeans have received unemployment relief in the second part of the unemployment relief program?
  5. Belize, let’s keep alert and work together to bring down the number of COVID cases by practicing social distance (6 feet apart), wearing your mask in public, practicing good hygiene and being safe.