Said Musa Tribute


The night of September 20, 2020 was chosen by the People’s United Party as apropos to honor the Right Honourable Said Musa and pay tribute to his life accomplishments within the PUP. His retirement within the times of Covid determined that this tribute would be a virtual one with the Universe of the Internet as the audience. Being virtual did not lessen the heart that was placed in this endeavour.

Undoubtedly there are number of ways to pay tribute to a man who has meant so much to many Belizeans, to many PUP, to his constituency, and to Belize. Each version of a tribute would be both tear-jerking and exhilarating. None would be exhaustive of all his accomplishments.

The PUP gave it a shot and it was a massive success and a grand presentation.

Standard Bearers paid homage: (excerpts)

Dolores Balderamos Garcia(Belize Rural Central) –  “We will not talk about him like ih dead. He is every much alive and kicking…Said stood by the the Rt. Hon. George Price in our quest for an independent country.”

Hon. Oscar Requena(Toledo West) – “That is why we have all thise communities connected via a network of roads.”

Hon. Rodwell Ferguson(Stann Creek West) – “He walked some of the villages with me. I was very, very impressed by his movement and his character. By the way he introduced himself to the people.”

Dr. Louis Zabaneh(Dangriga) – He would be able to sit down with the regular person, have lunch with them, converse with them. As people approached our table he chatted with them. He is a unique Belizean.

Hon. Landy Habet(Cayo Northeast) – “I went to his house seeking assistance. There were three or four Ketchi women from down south. When I came out it was like 8:15. He waited until he saw the last person.”

Michel Chebat(Cayo North) – “His father was once the Mayor of San Ignacio. He was a man of compassion and integrity. A man who truly loves this country.”

Hon. Kareem Musa (Caribbean Shores) – “He has influenced my life in many ways. From a very young boy, he took me to football games. He is an avid sports man. He will have a lot of down time to enjoy retirement and to enjoy sports. I want him to know that his legacy lives in each and every one of us.”

Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes(Orange Walk North) – I remember when my father would take me to meeting and Said would be talking. People in the crowd would shout ‘Fire.’ He is clairvoyant, avant-garde and visionary”

Hon. Jose Mai(Orange Walk South) – We want to wish the Hin. Said Musa the best in the future. He changed the lives of the people around him. We will miss him a lot. He is a great partliamentarian and friendly.”

Hon. Julius Espat(Cayo South) – People fail to realize that NHI is his dream. It is a good dream. We will make sure that his dream is carried out.”

Hon. Francis Fonseca(Orange Walk South) – “He mentored me into becoming a politician. I will always be grateful to him.”

Hon. Cordel Hyde(Deputy Party Leader, Lake Independence) – “He has a tenacious character and intellect. He has lots of stamina.”

Oscar Arnold(Collet) – “I want to thank him for the more than three decades of service to his party and country. I am personally thankful for his support when I decided to take up politics.”

Gilroy Usher(Port Loyola) – “I went to ask him to assist us. He left his office right way to come to our apartment in Majestic Alley to see the situation and rendered assistance to us.”

Allan Pollard(Queen’s Square) – “He has the love of the people. That is what makes him a champion. He is a genuine. He is always willing for a good conversation.”

Hon. Mike Espat(Toledo East) – “I say farewell to him. He is a good leader and people’s person. He actually followed the motto of the PUP….to serve the people of this country.”

Hon. Florencio Marin(Corozal Southeast) – “We are thankful for him leadership, strength and guidance. We are grateful for the way he led this country.”

Candice Pitts(Mesopotamia) – “He is truly an inspiration. What I remember most is a conversation in his office. He welcomed me.”

His Worship Kevin Bernard(Orange Walk East) – “I wish him a great retirement from politics. We will continue to honor the legacy of the Rt. Hon. Said Musa.

Paul Thompson (Albert) – “He was on a mission to make a difference in this country and to lead this country. What we have learned from politics has been from Said.”

Rt. Hon. Said Musa: “I want to tell you that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Secondly, I recall a famous saying by the English Author Chaucer…the root of all evil is greed.

Third and most important is what our Leader George Price taught us, Serve the People. Party leader Thank You. “

Party Leader John Briceño: “George Price was your mentor. You came to love people even outside of Belize City. I know that the Father of the Nation is looking at us and smiling with the smile we know he has. You have dedicated the best years of life to this nation. You have been a transformative Minister of Education. With Education we touch the lives of every child. You ensured that there scholarships for as many students as possible. Even the museum of Belize comes from you. You played a key roles in Independence. You were out there internationally to getting support for our Independence and self-determination.

The same people that are mismanaging this country now are the same ones that were against Independence.

You PM, you were a rebel and a maverick. You got George Price’s attention. You never let the party, nor country down.

I have learnt from you. Once you do the right thing, they may criticize you but history will absolve you.”

Said Musa, “There were times when I stumbled and got knocked to the ground but I always got right back up and kept moving forward.”