Saldivar: Hypocritical and Discriminatory


Oscar Mira said it best, “it is hypocritical and discriminatory.”

The laws of Belize are clear when it comes to bringing in 25 Thousand US dollars from outside of Belize. It must be duly established at the airport or else you would be in contravention of the substantive laws of Belize and liable. John Saldivar had the nerve to interfere in a location dispute between Belmopan’s hardworking vendors and dead duck Mayor Khalid Belisle. Saldivar pontificated that “ignoring the laws for the sake of development would invite a state of anarchy.”

He is so right….his friendship with Mason, Dermen, Kingston and other hustlers(guised as ministers) has definitely pushed his presence in Belmopan as virtual anarchy. He should thank God that our majority are God-faring people that follow the rule of law and are giving him due process. That process will be taken to its fullest extent. He and the rest of the UDP are lawless and collect taxpayer dollars for doing any and everything except good governance.

Here again is an example of how the UDP stands up against the poor in Belize. The hard working farmers of Belmopan and surroundings expect their produce to yield and then to be sold locally or maybe exported. But under the UDP, their produce is squashed.

In this Belmopan case, the investor is offering a prime area for vendors to sell from. This savvy business move allows two things to the chagrin of the UDP: Firstly….Fruit vendors open-air and socially distanced access to the Belmopan proper population and Secondly…The customer base will be satisfied since the cost of going all the way to the Agriculture Show grounds will be saved.

The UDP should be finding a way how to make to accommodate such an initiative that would have a serious and positive business multiplier effect. We suggest the outgoing Mayor do his best to help all the people and to ignore the outgoing representative. This outgoing representative has no legal nor moral authority to be making any grand statement. We didn’t hear him when the greens of Belmopan were placed in a fire sale. Maybe it was him as pseudo-Mayor Saldivar carrying out the peddling.

Most emphatically, Saldivar has no moral authority. Any that he had was lost since the Mason summer of 2016 and corroborated in the Dermen February of 2020. In the latter, text messages were revealed all the way from Utah where John Saldivar was begging for tranches of 25k US$$. There is enough clarity to state that John Saldivar and the Barrows love to beg…till they can’t no more.

Hard working people need a government working for them and not against them.


Oscar Mira: “From what we know, Belmopan Market Day has been running for about 20 years. Over that time, we can estimate that the Belmopan City Council has collected approximately $8 million dollars from the vendors. This is more than enough money to have built a vendors market. Instead, we have no idea where all this money has gone. This money came from the hard work of low income Belizeans but it has not been accounted for. Not only that, they were still selling in a parking lot and now being denied an opportunity to regain some lost income. This is not the way to run a Capital City.”


Since John Saldivar and Khalid Belisle want to quote the Belmopan City Council Act to the vendors, we would like to point to the section of the same Act that requires the Mayor and City Council to submit to the National Assembly an annual report of its finances no later than 4 months after the end of the fiscal year. To date they have not submitted a single report! We want to see those reports! The people of Belmopan deserve no less.