Standard Bearers with their Constituents


 Hon. Rodwell Ferguson, Stann Creek West

Never in their wildest dream did the Government of Belize ever contemplate on paving the access road to Cowpen even though the European Union had funds for project such as those.

Now they running and trying to claim credit. They know I, Rodwell Ferguson, initiated the project through the then Cowpen Village Council. I asked the then village Chairman to write a letter and I personally hand delivered the letter to the European Union. They approved it and by agreement it was implemented through the Ministry of Works.

I was not even given an invitation to attend the inauguration ceremonies.

Mr. Zabdiel Martinez past chairman of San Juan/Cowpen, please make your comment on the post even though you are no longer in the country.//

Ministry of Works bring Nana, after months of damage to a culvert due to flooding on our main corridor, work is now underway on a temporary fix on the George Price highway. Traffic is backed up for miles on both sides. In time of national emergency, I hope the crossing can hold up when Belizeans want to travel to safer grounds.


Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, Cayo West


Constituents of Cayo West, the time is coming for decision day. It is pivotal that you participate in the decision making process; this election will determine your future.

If you haven’t registered as yet, you are still on time to do so. We can assist you in getting your Birth Certificate papers. If you are living in Cayo West and you haven’t transferred to vote in this constituency, you still have 3 more days to do so. Also, as good citizens, I urge you to not engage on illicit acts by transferring to an area in which you do not reside. We need every single vote to win and transform Cayo West!

The campaign has been very welcoming in every home so far. We will continue to work hard until the last vote is counted and we secure a victory for the people of Cayo West!

Let’s do this! We are in this to WIN! Everybody fi WIN!

Please remain safe. Follow the recommendations given by health authorities and protect your family and Community. We are optimistic about a brighter day for Belize. God bless you all!

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Freetown

The Work Continues….

Our Freetown Area Representative Francis Fonseca and members of our Freetown Committee have been out since yesterday morning checking on the elderly members of our Freetown Community and those most vulnerable.

We have visited the flood  prone areas of Belama and shared all relevant information with those residents.  We have also assisted with basic food supplies.  We believe that our Freetown Community is ready for this storm but we pray God’s blessings and mercy on our beloved Belize.

We encourage all members of our Freetown Community to take this storm very seriously and to follow the instructions of our National and City emergency authorities.  Please look out for eachother particularly those in our community who are elderly, disabled, sick and in need.

 Oscar Arnold, Collet

Early Saturday On The Campaign Trail, Collet Da Love, After 17 years COLLET going back BLU…..IT’S OUR TIME COLLET, PUP ALL THE WAY VOTE OSCAR ARNOLD ON ELECTION DAY..













Oscar Mira, Belmopan

There is still time to register: Hello Belmopan! Have you registered to vote? Do it today, or call us at 670-9555 for information or help.

  • ••

Hola Belmopan ¿Te has registrado para votar? Hágalo hoy o llámenos al 670-9555 para obtener información o ayuda.

It is in our hands to control, contain and defeat this virus if we follow simple but effective measures. Avoid unnecessary travel. Practice social distancing. Wash hands regularly with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap is not available. And of course, wear your mask but wear it properly. Let’s all do our part and support our authorities in doing theirs. Be safe and be well.

Prosperity and Security for All!

#TeamMira #PlanBelize #Blu

 Candice Pitts, Mesopotamia

Since we cannot celebrate our September festivities the traditional way, we decided to start off the month with acts of patriotism.

Today, members from the community and from our team are at the office packing pantries to give to residents in need in Mesopotamia, because we know these are still very trying times for our residents.

While certain politicians are saving money to spend on elections, we are here trying to ensure our residents can get by during a difficult time for all of Us.

Our priority is clear: People First!

We continue checking-up on residents and checking-in at all the schools in Mesopotamia.

Our candidate is a servant-leader who truly Cares.#TeamCandicePitts is a whole vibe!

Since schools remain close, our team was out distributing some school bags to children in Mesopotamia with supplies that will aid with their homeschooling and their psycho-social development.

We will continue to reach out to our families and their children and help them, albeit with our limited resources, to maneuver this extremely challenging time in our country’s history.

#mesopotamia #reachingoutwithLove #CandicePitts #mesopotamiaschoice2020


David J. Castillo, Corozal North

Vote for change, vote for betterment, vote for David Castillo!

Por doce años el UDP ha abandonado a Corozal y la área de Corozal Norte. Por doce años la gente de Corozal han sufrido abajo este gobierno. Ya es tiempo para un cambio! Ya es tiempo para sacar el UDP! Ya es tiempo de votar para el PUP! #daveforcorozalnorth   #planbelize   #changeiscoming

 Dolores Balderamos García, Belize Rural Central

Ms Dolores and her committee have recently renovated the Lord’s Bank Bus Shelter!  Despite negative behaviour from her opposition, she continues to work and develop our beloved communities. Another positive step forward and another hurdle crossed. More to come; here to serve my communities and my people. While renovating a bus shelter in Lord’s Bank. It was halted by the Police.

The chairlady in fact gave full no-objection and approval. So police had no business in this at all. It is for the good of the entire community !!!!

Allan Pollard, Queen’s Square

“Queen Square, let’s embrace a new beginning… one that is filled with hope and great optimism for the empowerment of a neglected and abandoned people. We have a chance now to free ourselves from the bondage and shackles that have been placed on us for decades. It is now or never… We have a chance to end the oppression and herald in a new era… let’s open all the doors and windows and let the light shine in Queen Square!! #VOTE


Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

I was proud to witness and be a part of the launch of the #planBelize health policy formulated with the input of the professionals and placing people at the center of the benefits.

#planBelize #BLU #EverybodyFiWin #TimeToRiseThe talent is here – homegrown and world-class. Ten years ago Belizean artist, Mr. Program delivered a timeless classic “See I Rise”. Last year the #Shores musician dropped this equally brilliant remake. Respect and thanks Mr. Program and to all our Belizean artists who remain committed to taking their music and country to the #NextLevel ✊

#TeamKareem #TimetoRise #Blu #BluShores #Belize #Vote2020

Louis Zabaneh, Dangriga


Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Elections are getting closer and a lot of low-down nasty acts are being and will be tried, in desperation, by the UDP administration and local UDP reps and standard bearers to try to maintain control. This period will expose the true character of those competing. The people will be able to see qualities indicating who true, capable leaders are and who are pseudo, false, leaders.

I am not surprised by the tactics the UDP directorate in Dangriga is using. They attacked me when I first entered the national assembly using the Sergeant at arms who was yelling that I am a land thief. They have also tried to lie in the past that I am a money launderer and that I come from a drug trading family. They are trying this again. And, they also put out a video that is racism at its worst, trying to portray that I am a pirate and that I hate the Garinagu people. But remember, they are most desperate to hold on to power at any cost – by any means necessary. So we are not surprised.

My approach to politics in the Dangriga Constituency has been to offer myself as a servant for a job. I am emulating the Father of our Nation’s method of going house to house to discuss and listen to everyone.  So far I have visited over 80% of all homes, and it is the Covid-19 pandemic that has slowed down our visits. I go to all homes. An advantage I have is that I really don’t know who is “red” and who is “blue.” I give equal respect to all citizens.  After all, if I am given the job and the opportunity to serve, the job is to serve everyone. This, I believe, has resonated with the people. They get to ask me any question and share their thoughts. They get to know the true me and I get to know their needs and their instructions for how I am to serve them. I believe this approach has contributed significantly to the over 60% approval that recent polls have scientifically shown. We are not, however, taking anything for granted.  We operate as though we are far behind and will do so until the last vote is counted.

So in closing for now my Brothers and Sisters,  it is truly sad to see the UDPs generally and in Dangriga specifically hanging on to illegal activities, shameful lies, and desperate actions to try to remain in power.  It would have been nice for me to compete with an opponent ready to debate the issues that really matter to the people of the Dangriga Constituency, and to do so in a dignified way commensurate with the job sought. But this may not be in his and his close people’s nature nor in the nature of his other UDP colleagues. This is unfortunate, because most of the followers of the UDP are decent people of high values. They are my brothers and sisters and they must be extremely disappointed. I say to you all. Let’s all come home together, to a place where we all respect each other and will work together for betterment. We have hope for a better tomorrow for everyone, in a country that works for everyone. Our PUP, led by Hon. John Briceno, will work very hard to positively transform our country.  You have my pledge that I will do my very best, as imperfect as I may be, to serve you all in the Dangriga Constituency, and all Belizeans equally with justice for all.  Together We Change! Please stay safe. GOD FIRST, GOD BLESS!

Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Fort George

We take the time express our deepest sympathies to the family of another Fort George member, Ms. Gladys Moir. May the good Lord comfort the them, and may her soul rest in eternal peace.//

Ft. George has lost a constituent, Alberto Alamina. Eternal Life with the righteous in heaven. Condolences to Rosa & family.


 Alex Balona, Cayo Central

As “Tropical Storm Nana” approaches our coast it is expected to convert into a Category 1 hurricane. In Cayo we may not get much wind, but lots of rain and flooding.

I would like to advise that we should not panic, however let us make all necessary preparations for its arrival.

  1. For residents living on river banks or low lying areas, we ask that you secure your property and move to higher grounds.
  2. If you need to go to a hurricane shelter, make necessary arrangements early and take food and water for you and family.
  3. Listen to official weather updates on the radio.

Most importantly, whatever we do in preparation and during the storm let us remember to practise all Covid-19 guidelines by wearing masks and practicing social distance.

God bless us all!


Hon. Mike Espat, Toledo East

Ramon ‘Monchi’ Cervantes, Orange Walk North

The San Antonio Rio Hondo Village Council: Lets stay home if there is no need. However, for essential workers, front line employees, and all those hard working Belizeans, access to basic public transportation means a lot.

Having an adequate bus stop provides shelter. In this current situation, the beautification of a bus stop can provide a sense of hope and relaxation for our daily commuters. Let’s keep our bus stop clean and beautiful. San Antonio Rio Hondo Village Council works completed on the beautification of the bus stop. # stay home safe. May God bless us all.

Orlando Habet, Cayo Northeast

As the date draws near for our general election, I encourage all residents of Cayo Northeast, young and old, to become registered voters. I encourage those especially who turned 18 to become registered voters.

With the state of our nation right now, I know some of you may have made up your minds about who to vote for and whether or not, you will vote at all in this election.

Let me tell you why every vote matters.

Your vote determines who represents your constituency in the House of Representatives.

Your vote puts faith in that candidate because you believe they represent your interests and hold basic principles for all residents.

Your vote determines your opinion and beliefs on how to move Belize forward.

Don’t let anyone discourage you from voting. Don’t let anyone persuade you for voting for an agenda that only serves a few while you get a meager $50 and there is no opportunity for growth at all.

Get registered and make sure everyone in your household who is eligible to vote, is registered too. We must come together and make our voices heard at the polls on Election Day. In order to see change, we must demand change with resounding numbers. Only then we can save Belize and rebuild better and stronger than ever.///

Our agriculture and livestock producers are hurting. The livestock industry is poised for production for export and has been doing so for many years. Stifling exports is counterproductive, disingenuous and outrightly nonsensical. It can only be described as the actions of a non caring government that is inept and completely out of touch with reality.

The current administration failed to realize that disrupting production makes it significantly more difficult for farmers to recover any losses. The current administration also failed to realize that a market exists for export with Guatemala and El Salvador because they have a demand for food. If we were to maximize production, we could feed ourselves and sell the remainder. They did not see the opportunity to assist farmers while simultaneously increasing our exports. This could have been a chance to fix our trade deficit.

The current administration keeps reacting and therefore, their responses to crisis management is weak. They have not sought advice from anyone. Each step they make, puts us 3 steps behind. There are no metrics to measure, no plan and no vision. Dehn Got to Go! #TodosGanamosConLandy #VoteBLU

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