Standard Bearers with their Constituents


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Hon. Jose Mai, Orange Walk South

Hon. Oscar Requena, Toledo West

Amazing Day Today… Much love from San Vicente and Jalacte. We went. to check with our leaders on the damages caused by the storm. Hon. Oscar also went to deliver his contributions to different projects in these Villages. This included the contribution towards this one of a kind newly built Church by the people of San Vicente. Over 220 farmers got affected with over 900 acres of corn field being destroyed in San Vicente and Jalacte.

We hope these farmers can get some help. We also met the UDP promising and politicizing the help by taking the NAVCO representative to try and fool the people but the message from our people is clear.

Election Day, we will vote Oscar…##Plan Belize##

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Freetown

It was my pleasure to meet with Bishop A Moses  Benguche of the Methodist Church Belize/ Honduras District and his Education Management Team to discuss our Education Policy Plan.  The Methodist Church and Community continue to play an increasingly important role in our education system.  I appreciated our very open and robust discussion.

Louis Zabaneh, Dangriga


What matters most is to know the real conditions people are living in, what their aspirations are, and for them to know that I will be serving their best interest. This is a building of trust and understanding.  It is about being humble, open minded, and willing to do things the right way. It is also about knowing that the UDPs will try all kinds of nasty and illegal things to try to stay in power and to try to negatively affect the trust I have built and continue to build with the vast majority of the people in the Constituency. We are countering the UDPs’ desperate tactics with truth, vision, competence and love. We will not let them get away with any illegal action nor with new lies and the regurgitation of old lies.

Let’s deal with the racism attack first. This is as ludicrous as the other lies and attacks. I am addressing it only because there are younger voters and some other readers who may not know much about me. I was born and grew up on a small farm in the Stann Creek valley with my great grandparents, my mother’s grandparents who had adopted her. The 11 acres for the farm was part of the land reform that Right Honourable George Price secured in the 60s. My great grandfather worked as a laborer at HTA Bowman farms as a regular worker, cleaning bush and harvesting citrus during that early time. While I grew up, we had no running water to our little house, no electricity, no indoor bathroom. We had a fireheart outside under a different thatched house and a small creek to get water.

Praise God, we always had food on the table, even if it was only tortilla and fever grass tea. Both my great grandparents, even though neither was literate, worked very hard, pushed for our education, and insisted on Christian values. They were of mestizo origin. Their eldest son’s first daughter is my mother. My mother (may she continue to rest in peace) was a beautiful young lady and her grandfather on her mother’s side came from Honduras, a tall African decent, dark-skinned man. I never had the privilege or opportunity to meet him. If he was from Honduras with those features, then tell me who was he? In our home all were welcome.

I never knew what racism was nor ever heard about it. My stepfather, may he rest in peace, was an African decent creole man. My younger brother and sister, I love dearly.  As do I love all my closest friends – 90% who are Garifuna. Both my mom’s younger sisters married African descent men – my uncles, who I love dearly. I did not experience racism until I went to college in the US on a USAID scholarship. I was astonished to see in the cafeteria tables with only white students, tables with only black students, tables with only Mexican students, and tables with only international students. This was quite shocking and unacceptable to me.

When I sat down with our Party Leader about two and a half years ago to discuss my interest in becoming a standard bearer for the PUP, both Dangriga and Belmopan came up as possible Constituencies. I was clear with the PL that Dangriga was my sure choice. While I know many of the wonderful people in Belmopan, it is in Dangriga that I have my roots. I wish to give back to the people who have given me so much…

Oscar Mira, Belmopan

Sources have indicated that PC Ical has found his way back to the OP. We want to express our happiness and hope PC Ical is reunited with his family as soon as possible.

Shoulder to shoulder!

Solidarity with the BDF, the Police and PC Ical’s Family.

Many times, when I was an Officer in the BDF, I patrolled that very same area where PC Ical went missing. It is very difficult terrain and it is easy to get disoriented. In fact many years ago, I took part in the search for a patrol that had gotten lost and disoriented in that very same area. That time, we found everyone alive and in good spirits.

Prosperity and Security for All! #TeamMira #PlanBelize #Blu

Candice Pitts, Mesopotamia

September 8, we observe International Literacy Day, 2020.

This year’s theme focuses on “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.”

As a society, we know that people with little or no literacy skills face many disadvantages. Many are unable to:

-understand and apply for medical assistance

-apply for employment

-understand and apply for other social benefits

-understand the laws that govern them and our country

-critically elect leaders to govern them and our country (et cetera)

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed more challenges to the objective of increasing Belize’s literacy rate.

For instance, virtual classrooms have created an urgency to bridge the digital divide in our country. Likewise, our educators must become innovative and ensure both their children and adult literacy programs evolve with the times.

As an educator, our candidate has always been a proponent of reading and reading critically. Literacy, for her, is a human right that serves to advance human dignity.

Last year, she spent Literacy Day reading with the children at Queen Square Anglican School.

This year, she encourages parents and guardians to use the extra time at home because of the COVID-19 restrictions to read, to read with their children and grandchildren, and to teach them about the importance and benefits of literacy and living in a literate society.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” ~Fredrick Douglass

As a nation, we are facing some difficult times.

But, BELIZE is a resilient nation.

And, Belizeans are a uniquely blessed people.

Together, we will do better!

#InternationalLiteracyDay2020 #knowlegeispower #readingispower #candicepitts #mesopotamiaschoice2020

Allan Pollard, Queen’s Square

Good Morning Everyone! If you’re not yet registered in Queen Square! Come on out and ensure that you’re on the list to vote in this year’s General Election!✔ The Time Is Now Belize!⏱

“Queen Square, let’s embrace a new beginning… one that is filled with hope and great optimism for the empowerment of a neglected and abandoned people. We have a chance now to free ourselves from the bondage and shackles that have been placed on us for decades. It is now or never… We have a chance to end the oppression and herald in a new era… let’s open all the doors and windows and let the light shine in Queen Square!! #planBelize #AllanPollardforQueenSquare #TheTimeIsNow #VOTE

David J. Castillo, Corozal North

La humildad es una base fuerte que caracteriza un lider. Adelante con David J. Castillo. Unidos construiremos un Corozal Norte fuerte y prospero.

Adónde está el dinero para ayudarle a la gente de Corozal North? Adónde se a usado todo estos millones?

Por doce años el UDP ha abandonado a Corozal y la área de Corozal Norte. Por doce años la gente de Corozal han sufrido abajo este gobierno. Ya es tiempo para un cambio! Ya es tiempo para sacar el UDP! Ya es tiempo de votar para el PUP! #daveforcorozalnorth   #planbelize   #changeiscomming

Ramiro Ramirez, Corozal Southwest

 Hon. Florencio Marin Jr., Corozal Southeast

  On Election Day Vote for a Humble, Honest, Compassionate and Genuine True Leader, The Honorable Florencio Marin Jr.

Mr. Florencio is a man for his people and he will bring progress to Corozal Southeast who have been neglected and punished all these years under a UDP Government.

Tantos MILLONES recibidos por el UDP y los Beliceños sin TRABAJO, sin DINERO, sin COMIDA. El UDP se tiene que ir!!!


El Cambio empieza AHORA y solo lo tendremos con un Gobierno del Partido Unido del Pueblo.

Caledonia esta listo para el cambio. Corozal Sureste esta Listo con el Honorable Florencio Marin, Jr. 💙💙💙


#nacimosparaganar 💪💪 #trueblue #Nacidoparaganar #pupalltheway

David ‘Dido’ Vega, Corozal Bay

 Alex Balona, Cayo Central

The time to vote is near!

Make your choice clear!




Ramon ‘Monchi’ Cervantes, Orange Walk North

Lookout for the Talkshow: To The Point

The San Antonio Rio Hondo Village Council: Let’s stay home if there is no need. However, for essential workers, front line employees, and all those hard working Belizeans, access to basic public transportation means a lot.

Having an adequate bus stop provides shelter. In this current situation, the beautification of a bus stop can provide a sense of hope and relaxation for our daily commuters. Let’s keep our bus stop clean and beautiful. San Antonio Rio Hondo Village Council works completed on the beautification of the bus stop. # stay home safe. May God bless us all.

Orlando Habet, Cayo Northeast

 Today, along with members of my Moratown and Santa Familia Committees, we were able to supply Drinking water and water for washing and bathing. Santa Familia was going through their fourth consecutive day without this basic and indispensable resource.

I want to thank my hard working committee for their selfless work in the distribution of the water. Thanks to Mr. Daniel Habet for assisting with the 9000 gals of river water, my committee for the purchase of one truckload of potable drinking water and the MOW through Chief Engineer Bradley for assisting with one Bowser of potable water.

I also thank Chairlady Karen Carrias for accompanying the MOW driver to assist in the distribution in some areas of the village.

Special thanks to Ms. Joyce Tun, Ryan Cano, Anthony Morris, and Silas Sabal for distributing in smaller loads to those families not accessible in smaller trucks.

Thanks Arthur ‘Turo’ Smith for always being there. And to Mrs. Sandra Morris for the arrangements for the potable water and in assisting with direction and management of the team.

Voting: What difference does it make? When every person casts their vote they make their opinions and voices heard. You decide the direction our country must take to improve and move forward. You elect a representative who fights for your interests and who will support its people. #TodosGanamosConLandy #VoteBLU

Hon. Rodwell Ferguson, Stann Creek West

The grind is on the election is getting closer no turning back. My visit to Silk Grass today was a success. Every politician must cover their own turf but this one is wide open to be taken. It will be a huge victory in Silk Grass for myself and the PUP. Thank you for letting me into your homes.//

My visit to Placencia today was very fruitful the people welcome me into their homes I am no stranger to them most of them are my in-laws. They come to realize that it is time for a change of Government. This is the first time ever they express to me the difficulties they are facing as a people, history is in the making, Placencia will vote for me this time because they know what I am capable of doing to make their lives better. Thank you Charles Leslie Jr. for accompanying me and my team.

Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

As we prepare to face another 2020 challenge, I pray for the safety and well-being of my Caribbean Shores constituents and all Belizeans.

Navigating through a storm and a global pandemic is not easy.

Let us remember to observe COVID protocols, keep an extra eye on our elderly citizens, assist the vulnerable and less fortunate and protect our families and children.

2020 has thrown its punches, but we are resilient, we are strong and together we will rise. #TeamKareem #TimetoRise #Blu #BluShores #Belize #Vote2020

Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, Cayo West


Benque Viejo, San Jose Succotz, Arenal, Calla Creek and Corozalito, we need your support!

Over the last 2 decades, the area representative has had more than enough time to completely transform Cayo West by boosting our economy and securing jobs for our people. Instead, he has only secured wealth for himself, family and close friends. Their formula to winning elections has been with voters from across the border and by creating a culture of dependency with handouts and Election Day paydays. Handouts are short term assistance that can only mean one thing: Your voice and vote have been bargained. We need to start thinking about the long-term effect rather than the short-term relief. Remember that bribery means food for today, hunger for tomorrow.

Cayo West needs to attract investment to create sustainable jobs. We need to embrace tourism and inject investment into the development of our tourism in which we have massive potential; we must lobby for an equitable distribution of the revenue that comes from our local sites and tourist attraction points. We need durable infrastructure that won’t be overpriced and in which we get value for our dollar; Roads for Cayo West, by Cayo West- Built by our own people.  We need a health system that works- with the necessary equipment and medical personnel to be able to reach even the most remote areas. We need access to land and affordable housing. We need assistance to develop our agricultural sector and boost our local market to sell our produce. We need a real plan to combat crime, poverty and corruption. We need so much more. We need a LEADER!

Milin Espat understands that an area representative has massive responsibility over those whom he serves. But people also have a moral obligation to make good decisions; the masses decide an election.  Nothing is accomplished when we become complacent about things that affect us. Be part of the movement to change our path.  Our fight against corruption and injustices must be fuelled with consistent commitment and participation. There is greater force when we all sing at the same time and with the same rhythm.  In essence, we must work together to make great things happen for Cayo West!

Let’s start by spreading the message of hope: Cayo West now has a LEADER that will win and will work for EVERYONE!

Get registered on time and Vote in November! Together, we will change the depressive path in which they have led us and transform it into a highway of success and great achievements!

!Con MILIN, TODOS ganamos!

#2020añodelCAMBIO Let’s do this! We are in this to WIN! Everybody fi WIN!

Please remain safe. Follow the recommendations given by health authorities and protect your family and Community. We are optimistic about a brighter day for Belize. God bless you all!

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