Standard Bearers with their Constituents


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 Marconi Leal, Belize Rural North

PUP Belize Rural Northern Standard Bearer, Marconi Leal Sr., working hands in hand with the Sandhill Village Council on the development of the Sandhill community.

The Sandhill Village Council would like to thank FAST Construction & Road Development and the PUP Belize Rural North Standard Bearer, Marconi Leal Sr., for assisting us with the sponsorship and development of our welcome signs at both entrances of our village at miles 14 and 20 on the Philip Goldson Highway and the signs at the entrance of our Maxboro community.

We truly are grateful for your assistance and unwavering commitment to furthering the development of our community.

As your Sandhill Village Council, we continue to focus on developing our community and improving lives.

Marconi Leal and the Blue machine at work once again! Belize Rural North deserves a hard worker and a man with Vision! Marconi Leal is that Choice! A man Powered by the People and a heart of Service 🇧🇿💙💙💙

#VoteBlue #VoteMarconi

Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Belize Rural Central

When elected, I pledge to push for an amendment to our election laws so that a student from any country cannot vote having been in Belize for just a year. This is a colonial vestige that must go. Whether from the Commonwealth or not, a student should NOT be able to help determine the outcome of elections.//

The outreach, campaigning and assistance continues in Western Paradise !! We WILL NOT forget our mile 8 Community !!”//

With deepest regret we mark the passing from this good earth of our dear friend and stalwart PUP supporter Eloise Hyde of Ysaguirre Blvd. Hattieville.//

 Andre Perez, Belize Rural South

  Our friends from Tender Buff have been very supportive of our relief efforts on the island! Their donations of smoked sausages and burger patties have been very welcomed! This evening we received a shipment from Tender Buff and we issued them to residents as they passed by our office on Coconut Drive. During these trying times, every little bit helps. Thank you Tender Buff for your continued support to the residents of Belize Rural South.

I want to acknowledge a true friend, a brother from high school. We share so much in common and we come from the same school of thought.

“Men and Women for others”. Thank you brother and wish you well in your ventures. Tender Buff

The products are high grade quality!! Proud Belizean Product from Orange Walk.///

The first 100 days are crucial to stimulate renewed confidence in our local economy, to establish the basis for long term projects, and bring welcomed reprieve from current economic hardship. Mr. @Andre Perez, the next Belize Rural South area representative presents his plan of action for the first 100 days! These 10 points are part of our manifesto which will detail our overall plans for Belize Rural South. Our pledges will be posted very soon!

Los primero 100 dias en oficina son cruciales para estableser confianza en nuestra economia local, para estableser la fundación de proyectos permanentes, y atraer alivio en estos tiempos críticos. Andre Perez, el próximo representante de Belize Rural South (San Pedro y Cayo Hicaco), nos presenta su plan de acción para los primeros 100 días! Estos puntos son parte de nuestro manifesto que detallara los planes completos para Belize Rural South.










Hon. Jose Mai, Orange Walk South

On Wednesday September 9, 2020, we launched the PUP’s Agriculture and Food Policy entitled ‘From Farm to Table with Love’. I take this opportunity to thank all those who in some way or the other contributed in putting together the Policy Document.

Thanks to those who took their time to meet with us for long hours during the consultation process. We thank the farmers for providing interviews, to the reporters, and camera teams. And, we thank those farmers who provided items and equipment for stage preparation.

And of course, thanks to our Chief of Staff and his Producing Team for a job well done.

With hard work, perseverance and God’s blessings and Guidance… we will transform the Agro-productive sector for the benefit of all.

Hon. Mike Espat, Toledo East

Hon. Oscar Requena, Toledo West

BigFalls is Election Ready. They are ready to Deliver for the PUP. Oscar Requena will deliver. This is one of the biggest committees that we have and we will deliver Bigfalls once again. The message is clear. We will deliver. The people of Bigfalls are ready.

Thanks to the new members who joined.

Don’t be left behind. Join the winning team.

Oscar Requena for Toledo West.

San Marcus is also Election Ready. They want to ask Simeon COC, why is he making promises when his government is in power? Your government has the funds and resources. They also want to know about the auditor General’s report. They need answers. Fix the roads! Your UDP government in in power.

We had 2 meetings because our working committee is so big. They want elections as of tomorrow. Welcome to the party

Join the winning team. Don’t be left behind.

PUP all the way. Much love from San Vicente and Jalacte. We went. to check with our leaders on the damages caused by the storm. Hon. Oscar also went to deliver his contributions to different projects in these Villages. This included the contribution towards this one of a kind newly built Church by the people of San Vicente. Over 220 farmers got affected with over 900 acres of corn field being destroyed in San Vicente and Jalacte.

We hope these farmers can get some help. We also met the UDP promising and politicizing the help by taking the NAVCO representative to try and fool the people but the message from our people is clear.

Election Day, we will vote Oscar…##Plan Belize##

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Freetown


These are strange and challenging times.  Ordinarily I would be telling you to have a fun filled day(s) and not to overdo the partying BUT instead I have to urge you all to be safe and healthy.  Remember the rules and follow the COVID protocols.

And of course this year, we all learned about VIRTUAL! SO I invite you to join us at whenever possible in virtual celebrations.


Louis Zabaneh, Dangriga


When I sat down with our Party Leader about two and a half years ago to discuss my interest in becoming a standard bearer for the PUP, both Dangriga and Belmopan came up as possible Constituencies. I was clear with the PL that Dangriga was my sure choice. While I know many of the wonderful people in Belmopan, it is in Dangriga that I have my roots. I wish to give back to the people who have given me so much. I formed much of my thinking and personality at Ecumenical High School, under the leadership of the great Augustine Flores (may he rest in peace) and superb teachers such as Mrs. Marina Woodeye (may she rest in peace), Mr. Natalian Enriquez, Mr. Dennis Lopez, Sister Claire of Assissi,  Mrs. Jeanette Austin, and  Mr. Francis Humphreys. Others who did not teach me but were very caring include Aunt Julie Lewis and Ms. Gayle Chandroo (please forgive my spelling). My closest friends today were my classmates: Aaron Lewis, Elbert Jahmor Lopez, Bryron Shackles Flowers, David Diego, Daniel Fernandez, and Ruford Murray. Our children call us uncles and our wives they call aunts. We are compadres to our children. And, I am not even discussing my very close relationship with all the Garifuna musicians and their families – that’s for an entirely separate post. So, how stupid and low is such an allegation.  And how disrespectful to include Former Mayor Swaso’s picture without his permission. I may not look like a Garifuna, but I live the core values of our people. And that is what matters most, truly living the creed of “Aubun Amuru nu”. But because of their ignorance and desperation, I forgive them and pray for them.

Now let’s turn to the ridiculous lies about money laundering and drug trading. There was a wikileaks document that the UDPs circulated as far back as 2010 or 2011. I had become an investor in and President of Galen University and when l heard of and read the document, I immediately visited U.S. Ambassador Tumallapaly in Belmopan to discuss. The document was a daily briefing from the US Embassy to the State Department. It spoke of allegations and rumors. The Ambassador was clearly embarrassed by the unfounded statements after I explained who I was and what my investment in Galen really comprised. I asked the Ambassador to retract but he said that their rules and regulations prevented him from doing so. He did offer to show support and accepted to be the guest speaker at our graduation. I am still today amazed that the reporter (and his “solid sources” as he told me then) mentioned in the document acted the way he did. My hope is that now, after he and others learnt that my investment in Galen was really a small minority, that they could come to realize the huge injustice of their actions. But that too has been forgiven. I have never gone after anyone; my great grandparents taught me otherwise. As Michelle Obama reminded us “When they go low, we go high.” My great grandparents and my Mom would say “Leave them to God my son. He will take care of everything.” And that’s what I keep doing.

Another sad accusation is that “all my businesses have gone bankrupt, so that means I cannot run a town.” How ignorant a statement. If they are referring to the papaya farm I had established in 2003 and which closed in 2007, they surely have not thought things out. But that should not be a surprise, because thinking things out is not one of their qualities. The entire papaya industry has died in Belize, unfortunately.  But there are reasons for that.

While papaya exports has one of the highest returns of all exports, it is a very delicate product. I visited the Brazilian papaya Industry and specifically its largest papaya farm. In that country and other progressive counties, the government assists farmers with technical support including research and development. They use the universities as practical laboratories, and the professors and students as extension personnel to help farmers deal with pest and disease control, modern irrigation and drainage, crop management and packaging, processing, transportation, and marketing. This makes their agriculture competitive internationally. In Belize, we have all but abandoned our farmers. When Fruta Bumba, with over 800 acres of papaya planted, closed down in Corozal hundreds of workers lost their jobs. Nothing was done to assist. My papaya farm had reached 125 acres with over 70 workers. I learnt a lot from that experience that I plan to take with me to the job in government if given the opportunity.

And so let’s underline the point: we learn from our losses and misfortunes. Most successful business persons will tell you that they have learnt more from their failures than their successes – that’s why they ultimately succeed. Does the present UDP standard bearer in the Dangriga Constituency have such experience to learn from? Or is ignorance bliss? My other businesses have succeeded, Thank God.

Oscar Mira, Belmopan


From what we know, Belmopan Market Day has been running for about 20 years. Over that time, we can estimate that the Belmopan City Council has collected approximately $8 million dollars from the vendors. This is more than enough money to have built a vendors market.

Instead, we have no idea where all this money has gone. This money came from the hard work of low income Belizeans but it has not been accounted for. Not only that, they were still selling in a parking lot and now being denied an opportunity to regain some lost income. This is not the way to run a Capital City.

Candice Pitts, Mesopotamia

In an attempt to reach all areas of Mesopotamia and to make everyone feel included, we have decided to rotate the Mesopotamia Soup Kitchen. As of today, and for the next couple months, the kitchen will operate from 2863 Armadillo St (across from Wesley Primary School).

Food will be available at 12noon! We continue to serve residents most in need in Mesopotamia, as well as the tenants at the Raymond Park’s Night Shelter.

We thank the cooks and assistants who have offered to take on this act of service to their community. We will operate from the other areas soon!

#Mesopotamia #unity #equity #inclusivity #MesopotamiaSoupKitchen #AllAboutTheLove #CandicePitts #MesopotamiasChoice2020//

The residents of Mesopotamia want a representative with integrity.

Someone who is genuine, empathetic, and compassionate.

Someone who won’t disrespect and insult them.

Someone who will not offer assistance and then throw it in their faces.

Someone who will not threaten them and cause them to live in fear.

Someone who is smart, strong, and can passionately represent their causes.

Someone who is a visionary, can help develop their community, and help improve the quality of their lives.

Someone who offers hope and can inspire their children and grandchildren.

Someone who can better represent and develop our Beloved BELIZE.

The Choice is Clear!

As a nation, we are facing some difficult times. But, BELIZE is a resilient nation.

And, Belizeans are a uniquely blessed people. Together, we will do better!

#InternationalLiteracyDay2020 #knowlegeispower #readingispower #candicepitts #mesopotamiaschoice2020

David J. Castillo, Corozal North

The Corozal North Family would like to extend our sincere condolences to one of our stalwart supporters and close friends Mr. Giovanni “Joe” Tun in Paraiso Village. He will be missed by many. We send our prayers to his family and friends and may God guide and accompany them in these difficult times.///

La humildad es una base fuerte que caracteriza un lider. Adelante con David J. Castillo. Unidos cinstruiremos un Corozal Norte fuerto y prospero.

¿Adónde está el dinero para ayudarle a la gente de Corozal North? ¿Adónde se a usado todo estos millones?

Por doce años el UDP ha abandonado a Corozal y la área de Corozal Norte. Por doce años la gente de Corozal han sufrido abajo este gobierno. Ya es tiempo para un cambio! Ya es tiempo para sacar el UDP! Ya es tiempo de votar para el PUP! #daveforcorozalnorth   #planbelize   #changeiscomming

Ramiro Ramirez, Corozal Southwest

Hon. Florencio Marin Jr., Corozal Southeast

  Sarteneja Village Council: We have been struggling to keep up with all the work that this developing community demands on a daily basis. We have been demanding Ministry of Rural Development to deposit the liquor license revenues to the councils’ account so that we can keep up the work but up to now we have no positive feedback.  We have been running this community with zero dollars from liquor license fees for 14 months now. Do you think it is just of fear? Do you think it is the UDP cronies that are conspiring against this council that ran under a blue flag? What do you think Sarteneja? What should we do?

We got to Vote dem out! The UDP got to go! Come November we will all go to the polls and vote dem out!!

On Election Day Vote for a Humble, Honest, Compassionate and Genuine True Leader, The Honorable Florencio Marin Jr.

Mr. Florencio is a man for his people and he will bring progress to Corozal Southeast who have been neglected and punished all these years under a UDP Government.

Tantos MILLONES recibidos por el UDP y los Beliceños sin TRABAJO, sin DINERO, sin COMIDA. El UDP se tiene que ir!!!


El Cambio empieza AHORA y solo lo tendremos con un Gobierno del Partido Unido del Pueblo.

Caledonia esta listo para el cambio. Corozal Sureste esta Listo con el Honorable Florencio Marin, Jr. 💙💙💙


#nacimosparaganar 💪💪 #trueblue #Nacidoparaganar #pupalltheway

David ‘Dido’ Vega, Corozal Bay

New Hope for the Bay with David Dido Vega: The constituency of Corozal Bay has been abandoned over the past twelve years.

We have witnessed the collapse of industries, the increase on unemployment rate and the lack of adequate health services.

The Corozal Commercial Free Zone also began struggling to generate business, closing down a casino which left many hardworking men and women jobless.

Financial constraints within households keep getting worse. Therefore, causing ripple effects on tuition, utility and medical fees to mention a few.

The residents of Corozal Bay have had ENOUGH! It is time for visionary leadership to represent Corozal Bay!

David ‘Dido’ Vega is the man who has emerged and is ready to lead and transform the Corozal Bay constituency to the productive town it yearns to be.


Alex Balona, Cayo Central

Ramon ‘Monchi’ Cervantes, Orange Walk North

Political talkshow hosted by MONCHI.

Every Monday at 8PM. Tune in LIVE on this FB page.

Also on our Youtube Channel- Orange Walk North PUP.

The San Antonio Rio Hondo Village Council: Let’s stay home if there is no need. However, for essential workers, front line employees, and all those hard working Belizeans, access to basic public transportation means a lot.

Having an adequate bus stop provides shelter. In this current situation, the beautification of a bus stop can provide a sense of hope and relaxation for our daily commuters. Let’s keep our bus stop clean and beautiful. San Antonio Rio Hondo Village Council works completed on the beautification of the bus stop. # stay home safe.

May God bless us all.

Orlando Habet, Cayo Northeast

Javier and Marisa, I thank you again for inviting me to dive deeper into our Agricultural Policy. I believe it was more informative and our listeners and viewers appreciated it. The plan was designed from the ground up, with input from farmers and producers across all sectors. Today, we went over key points in the plan for Agriculture and presented solutions on how to develop them. We expressed interest in increasing productive capacity of farms by improving the management practices to maximize land use.

Ensuring food security enables us to have sufficient food for the year while having a 3 to 6 month food storage in times of emergency. The current tax system is also in need of revision so farmers have more monetary power instead of owing taxes upfront, before they start to earn from the sale of crops. Another issue is when farmers don’t have access to irrigation and drainage systems, and have to rely on the environment, when a drought or hurricane passes through, they can lose their harvest for the year and are at a significant loss. These are just a few of the topics touched on this morning.

I have faith that our policy in agriculture will jumpstart the sector and give it the priority it deserves. It will create a path for us all to get involved and see returns on the investment. By putting our people’s interests at the top we will all win. We will, together with a private sector led approach unleash Belize’s full potential for productivity, domestic consumption and exports while at the same time keeping our resources sustainable with an environmentally friendly approach. #TodosGanamosConLandy #WeAllWithLandy #planBelize #VoteBLU

Hon. Rodwell Ferguson, Stann Creek West

It was another successful day today in Maya Mopan village. In 2008 the tide was against the PUP everything is a cycle this time it’s against the UDP no matter what they say or do the people want them gone. I want to give Kudus to the PUP executive in the village.

Thank you Maya Mopan for accepting me into your homes especially Mr. Coc when that hard rain came down you gave us shelter and thanks for the food as well. Also thanks to Mrs. Chiac for providing us with the nice bread and hot tea. We have a vibrant young committee with one elder as the leader of the pack.///

The pandemic is affecting the country of Belize from March of this year. The Government was telling people back then that individuals had to apply online because it is non-political. Most people were stalled because all they wanted your phone number. The election is on the horizon and it proved that the entire process is political as campaigners are going village to village taking down names from voters and promising pantry.

The voters are no fool they telling them why now we could have died from starvation from March. Monies from the international funding agencies is being used to carry out a political agenda to win votes. ///

Together we will overcome for the love of the people and work to make life better for all.


Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

Road Works underway for Nurse Seay Street.

Many thanks to Councillor Albert Vaughn and the Belize City Council for once again delivering!

#TimeToRise #EverybodyfiWin #planBelize Let us remember to observe COVID protocols, keep an extra eye on our elderly citizens, assist the vulnerable and less fortunate and protect our families and children.

2020 has thrown its punches, but we are resilient, we are strong and together we will rise. #TeamKareem #TimetoRise #Blu #BluShores #Belize #Vote2020

Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, Cayo West


Benque Viejo, San Jose Succotz, Arenal, Calla Creek and Corozalito, we need your support!

Over the last 2 decades, the area representative has had more than enough time to completely transform Cayo West by boosting our economy and securing jobs for our people. Instead, he has only secured wealth for himself, family and close friends. Their formula to winning elections has been with voters from across the border and by creating a culture of dependency with handouts and Election Day paydays. Handouts are short term assistance that can only mean one thing: Your voice and vote have been bargained. We need to start thinking about the long-term effect rather than the short-term relief. Remember that bribery means food for today, hunger for tomorrow.

Our fight against corruption and injustices must be fuelled with consistent commitment and participation. There is greater force when we all sing at the same time and with the same rhythm.  In essence, we must work together to make great things happen for Cayo West!

Please remain safe. Follow the recommendations given by health authorities and protect your family and Community. We are optimistic about a brighter day for Belize. God bless you all!

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