Hurricane Nana has come and gone. It was a tropical storm pushing winds at 60 miles an hour and the forecast was for it to become a hurricane just before it hit Southern Belize.

Belize City, overcrowded and bulging with poor desperate people was spared. Thank God. We city people just can’t take no more. What!…with a crooked UDP government whose incompetence has brought hard times and sufferation. The Covid jumping over one thousand infected persons, and further sinking a bankrupt government; a hurricane was the last straw if it had slammed into us at 90 miles an hour.

All praise and thanks are due to Almighty God whom we serve.

Now Lord, hear the main cry of your people and help us overthrow this wicked, thieving government that has grown up among us.


General Elections are due no later than 4th November, 2020. This is the law as written in the Constitution.

It is expected that come 21st September, 2020, outgoing Prime Minister Dean Barrow (the worst Prime Minister Belize will ever have) will give one of his annual fancy speeches. We will all hear the fabulous projects he has planned, the long and winding words which like smoke evaporates shortly thereafter. Lies, half-truths, fake news, false promises, to the applause of crooked, corrupt Ministers, the usual set of hustlers, sycophants and cronies.

The Prime Minister is expected to then announce the date of the general elections. There must be thirty days under the law.

The end is near.


If a man comes into your yard, he is trespassing. If he breaks into your house and you have a gun, he better run.

Minister Marin has an even better version. As told by the Commissioner of Police, as if he was actually present, the intruder had a knife. Minister Marin fired a warning shot. The intruder did not run. Instead he rushed at Minister Marin. The Minister blasted him with two bullets.

That is when he ran. He jumped a barbed wire fence and was found in the adjoining yard, dead or dying in a crouched position.

The story is too unbelievable to be true. But then again truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. We find it hard to believe that a burglar who comes to steal from a person’s home will want to confront a man. Burglars are not generally brave, attacking persons. Much less, do they have a death wish in even standing up to the home owner who is armed and angry. Much less to a powerful Minister of government who cannot be arrested, no matter what he does.

The sister of the wretched, unfortunate, poverty stricken thief has stated that her brother was shot in the back.

If that is so, then truth has become a lie, and there is no justice for poor people in a country called Belize.

Even if the entry wounds are not in the intruder’s back, we simply find it incredible, that a petty burglar would face a Minister with a gun in hand, a warning shot is supposedly fired and the person does not run for his life.

In Belize, like most poorly run countries under petty tyrants, anyone with connection to the corrupt government can chance and kill anyone else who is a “nobody”, and get away with it.

And to make the story more suspicious, the Police say when they complete their investigations the file will be sent to the D.P.P. As somehow should anything in the file be otherwise, the D.P.P. will say the Minister should be arrested. Ha! Ha! Ha!


Dean Barrow law office on Albert Street, which he does not use, as he built a new mansion-like building over the next side, has been rented. Meaning, Dean Barrow as Prime Minister rent his own building to be used by the government for the Police department.

Yes, it is true, pass on Albert Street and see the Police Scenes of Crime Unit.

A little further down on Regent Street, the same Dean Barrow as Finance Minister rents Michael Young building to be used for Legal Aid department of government. This tiny department only needs three offices, a reception room and a meeting room. Bet you, the rent is like ten thousand dollars each month.

In Dangriga, an agreement was reached to rent a newly renovated office alleged belonging to the Minister. He called someone in Belmopan and the rent was doubled to ten thousand dollars a month.

This is how public monies can be stolen. A place can be rented for three or five times higher than the actual rent.

And please don’t forget that just three months before general elections, the government of Dean Barrow awards or is it rewarded Brads and a secret partner, the multi million dollars contract to own and control the boledo and lottery for the next TEN YEARS.

Them people facey bad.

This is corruption or is this corruption?


Transfer of voters has come and gone. It took place during July and August. The law requires that persons who have moved from an address in an electoral division to another division should go to an election department to be transferred in their new division.

The corrupt UDP government over the past twelve years has conducted themselves in a low down, scurvy and dishonest rut. They bribe poor voters and fanatic UDP supporters to tell lies in order to transfer to other divisions.

This year the big bribe was to transfer for money and Land Papers.

The UDP controls the election department and has crony UDPs employed therein.

Did you notice the deafening silence of the government for the transfer process?
There was no Call the Experts TV programme. There was no fat person threatening to jail anyone who falsely attempted to register in another division. Neither was any reward offered to election officers or police for arresting these liad and dishonest persons claiming they now live where they don’t.

None of this will help them. Their time is up. Government will change come Election Day.

Message to all poor voters. Take their money and vote them out.