The covid wave that is slowly but surely spreading across most of Belize is increasingly exposing the incompetence and inability of the government to deal with our most urgent and deadly threat.

It is an established fact that the government has NOT been properly planning and managing this spreading crisis. The hospital, medical personnel and scarce equipment is inadequate… grossly inadequate. Testing is very limited and does not provide any assurance to those who are part of the mapping process or who feel they are infected.

The conditions of quarantining citizens is nothing short of atrocious. There is no money for clean, healthy and safe quarantine buildings.

The financial assistance for the fifty to eighty needy citizens is almost a waste of time. Getting a meagre one hundred dollars every two weeks from government is a sick joke for suffering Belizeans.

Surely we can do better than this. Even though the government has stolen and wasted multi-millions of monies, looking after basic needs of citizens is a must.

As if we all are not suffering enough, the weekend wave in crime was a cruel reminder of government’s failure to solve this cancer on the country. Monday night’s television news was nothing but short of alarming. Murders, home invasions, robberies, shooting, crime and more crime, happened all across the country.

Added to this list of woes is the increasing indiscipline and unprofessional behavior of many members of the Police departments. Beating of civilians, illegal entry into homes, roughing up women and children and widespread disrespect is spreading like covid-19.

The San Pedro Police station continue to top the list of unprofessional police conduct. On that embattled island, police are even beating civilians inside the detention cells at the station.

The situation is dread. It is horrible.


Is anyone surprised? The price of butane has gone up. The government which has a duty to be an honest impartial regulator has instead joined forces with the capital list investors and have become a major investor in making money from importing and selling butane.

Incredible but true.

And why not. The same government paid $580 million dollars for BTL when the owners only deserved $360 million.

The same government took away Boledo & Lottery from the public sector and gave it to Brads and a Ministers son, who are now milking millions of dollars that belong to the poor people of Belize. This is a classic example of corruption and kick back in small, poorly managed third world countries infected with gangster Ministers.

As to cruel high taxes on patrol, that’s a story by itself.


If poverty is what fuels crime, then the cost of living is what fuels poverty. Belize has seen an increase in its unacceptable level of poverty. From 44% twelve years ago to 53 percent in 2020, and rising. Life has become really, really hard for thousands of our unfortunate citizens.

This is how it was before the arrival of covid and the drying up of tourism dollars.

Nothing is being done to keep the cost of living down.


There is much suffering in the land.


Dolores will trounce Beverly in the upcoming general elections. Beverly Williams was elected by the people of Hattieville, Mahogany Heights, Lords Bank and Ladyville to represent them. She is in Belmopan campaigning for scandal riddim John Saldivar. Her constituency is and has been neglected for five years.

Wendy Castillo, an illustrious and proud resident of Hattieville who could have been a candidate and easily beat Beverly, has stated publicly that voters want Beverly out. She knows.

In her words, Dolores will trounce Beverly bad.


It is no surprise that the weather Radar at the met office has not been repaired. Not only is the government broke and cannot fix it, it is they just don’t care.

So Belize is four months into the annual hurricane season and still has no radar. Our weather information comes from Miami or somewhere in the USA. They said hurricane “Nana would hit Southern Belize with winds of up to 70 miles per hour and it would be a full blown hurricane by the time it touched our coast. Nothing like that happened.

Because we have no radar, our people were frightened by the projections and were spending their little ten dollars and fifteen dollars buying up extra provisions and so on.

They punished for nothing.


Everybody in Belize knows Dibary, Dibary, the popular store on Albert Street and in the district. Thanks to Lord Rhaburn who wrote and sang the jingle.

Now comes his latest -covid – a message to Belizeans to protect ourselves by wearing mask and keeping social distance.

His classic among a long list of classics remain “If You Want To Save My Friend, Credit Union Is Around The Bend”.

“No Use Keeping Yu Money In You Pocket, Cause When You Turn Round You Aint Got It….The Bank Is Willing To Lend, But That Is Only To Certain Big Men”- Save, Save, Save The Credit Union Way!

In this September season we should once again honor this musical genius while he is still with us. We understand Mayor Bernard Wagner has agreed to rename one of the streets alongside Memorial Park as Lord Rhaburn Promenade.

We are hoping NICH can include a small token cheque of twenty thousand dollars from their secret Asian donation.

Respect Lord Gerald Rhaburn, big respect to you sir.


Jamaica held its general elections last week on 3rd September. The incumbent Jamaica Labour Party won 48 of the 53 seats with the People’s National Party getting only 15 seats. Third parties as has been the long history in Caribbean countries picked up a handful of votes.

Of the 1,913,400 voters, only 700,000 went to the polls to vote a historic low of only 37 percent of voter turnout. Voters abandoned the PNP in droves. Their leader Peter Phillips was ageing and uninspiring. Efforts to replace him ended in a bitter internal fight and public spectacle.

In Belize the UDP will lose the elections which is less than two months away. They have an ageing leader who is trying to piggy back on covid press conferences. He is the worst Prime Minister Belize has ever had. He has squandered hundreds of millions of dollars and presided over the most corrupt government the country has ever experienced.

There has been no political reform, no good governance, crime is becoming endemic in our country with murders reaching one hundred each year. Poverty is like a fast spreading cancer. Agriculture has been completely neglected. The economy is at a standstill. An outdated education system remains in place with no attempts at structural changes. Large numbers of young people are shut out of attending college, Sixth Form and University and our health system remains the same after 12 years of UDP mismanagement.

If ever there was a need to change government, now is the time to do it. The UDP is old and stale and has no energy or ideas to tackle our problems and take the country forward.

Life under the UDP is hard and offers a bleak future. We Belizeans deserve better. Better must come.

The UDP will lose the upcoming general elections otherwise dog will eat our supper. Pass it on.