Address at the PlanBelize 9th Virtual Rollout


Party Leader John Briceño’s

October 29, 2020

Tourism Ready for the World

Transforming the Belizean economy will be a gigantic task and one that will not be done in the short term, however we must as a matter of priority start the work from day one. Just imagine in the tourism industry alone a quarter of all jobs are generated which means currently close to a quarter of our people have been out of work for the past seven months.  We must turn this around and we can.

We can by providing competent leadership in the tourism sector.

We can by working with all the relevant stakeholders to quickly restore confidence in our brand.

We can by eliminating the barriers that slow down new investments in the tourism sector and instead look for new incentives to help Belizeans who want to get involved in this sector

We will do this by adhering to some key principles, as it relates to the coronavirus, we will synchronize health and hygiene protocols and standardize measures to reduce the risk of infection while helping to rebuild traveler confidence.

We will review and amend existing regulations and legal frameworks to ensure that they are adapted to the changed requirements of the sector to facilitate recovery and growth.

As Anthony laid out in the plan, we will build a first-class tourist destination while at the same time maintaining and preserving beautiful Belize with a product that is recognized worldwide as one of the world’s best.

We will do this so that our people, Belizeans will be the key owners, partners and players in this industry.  We have to make tourism a vital part of our Belizean economy for that is the social justice way.

So tonight, we laid out for you a solid plan for how we will bring back tourism stronger and better.  We will do so by adopting the following measures:

ONE – Our COVID19 recovery pathway will reinforce and increase capacity for testing and screening to reduce exposure, for sanitation and ventilation, and for managing risk, emergency response and engaging in contingency planning and execution.

TWO – Through tax incentives and public-private sector partnerships, we will invest in upgrading roads to existing destinations and build new ones to new destinations and to 5-star hotels country wide; we will invest in a sewer systems in Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye, a hospital in Ambergris Caye and we will connect Caye Caulker to the national grid, while opening up the Placencia International airport, improving emergency services in the south, and building the Dangriga tourism village and pier to spur development; and to share the tourism benefits with the south.

THREE – We will use technology to target new markets in Asia, Latin America and build on our traditional markets of Europe and North America to bring more visitors to Belize.

FOUR — our national universities will focus on hospitality management to strengthen the capacity of current and new tourism workers and small businesses.

FINALLY, we will provide the highest level of economic cross integration and environmental stewardship and responsible leadership in growing a resilient tourist product. We will ensure that the tourism product is developed without compromising ecological integrity, and with linkages to other productive sectors like agriculture, and with the culture, arts, entertainment and sporting industry.

Hoy presentamos la política turística 2020-2025 diseñada por el Partido Unido del Pueblo. Escogimos el bello pueblo de San Pedro para hacer el lanzamiento de esta política porque reconocemos que es este pueblo, esta comunidad y este ambiente que hizo florecer una industria…un sector que es uno de los principales ejes de nuestra economía. Es el turismo que como actividad económica ha contribuido en el crecimiento de nuestra nación y ha permitido mantener una taza de empleo aceptable dándole muchos beneficios a nuestro pueblo.

En el PUP estamos convencidos que ahora más que nunca debemos invertir en el turismo a nivel nacional y reasignar recursos para levantar este sector que tanto nos ha beneficiado. Haremos esto siempre conscientes de que este país  ha hecho del turismo beliceño un producto de primera clase respetando siempre la sostenibilidad ambiental.  Solo con este tipo de desarrollo podremos planificar  a largo plazo el avance de nuestro país y nuestro pueblo que hoy pasa por tiempos muy difíciles. Estamos comprometidos que en todo esfuerzo se incluya el bienestar de nuestra gente porque para nosotros todo debe ser hecho para que Ganen Todos…Todos Ganamos

All of us in the PUP are excited about the future of tourism.  We believe that for sure nature has blessed us with wealth untold so we must share it with the world and in so doing we can share with others our rich diverse culture, for this too is a part of building a Belize that works for everyone and through  this,  Everybody fi Win!

In two weeks, we go to the polls, remember now, keep practicing physical distancing, wear your face mask in public and wash your hands often.

Be kind to each and from all of us in San Pedro, God bless and Good night.