Belly of the Beast


Scum Jamal

Jamal Moses Leviy bin Laden Barrow is nothing but a brat. He is much more than a brat. He is a monster. Any man who would kick his wife, the mother of his child, in her back is not a man. We have to wonder why he didn’t kick the man who slapped the crap out of him the other day. Instead he hung his head and did nothing. But he feels like a big man when he kicks his wife. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Jamal is scum. It doesn’t matter that he practices in front of a mirror every day trying to look like his daddy and talk like his daddy. He is scum. This is the fool who loves to make Facebook posts about how much of a family man he is, but the truth is in that Police report where his wife begged for protection from him. Imagine that. We wonder what step-mama Kim will have to say about this one. Oh wait – she only talks about zero tolerance to domestic abuse when it’s not being done by UDP politicians. And how about all the other women in the UDP? Oh wait – they won’t say anything because apparently it’s okay for UDP politicians to hit women. Belizeans are watching. And it is not okay to beat up on women. It’s not okay. You best believe Jamal didn’t beat up on all those men who crowded him when he dropped the soap in the state pen. Real punk dat. Bradley where you at? Come slap this fool again.

Scum X 2

The media this week asked aspiring UDP leader Patrick Faber what he thinks about Shyne beating up on his wife. You know what he said? He said that it wasn’t up to him to judge Shyne, even though Shyne is running on the UDP ticket and Faber is kinda sorta the leader of the UDP. What the hell kind of answer is that? What the hell kind of leader are you, you damn sick puppy? But we all know why Faber can’t say a word about this. We all know about that Police report where a young woman said that Faber punched her and dragged her across the room by the hair. We know about the court records where Faber has been accused of physical and emotional cruelty. These are serious things and serious times. This is the man who wants to lead this country. And you know what pisses us off even more. There they are, the women of the party jumping up and down behind Faber. We’re talking those high profile ones who are always on the podium screaming about zero tolerance for domestic abuse, but who seem to think it’s okay if the man punching and kicking and beating on women are UDP. Shame on all of you.

The skirt

Let’s take a break from UDP men beating up on women and talk about utter stupidity. We mean the kind of stupidity that should carry a million-dollar fine. We ain’t gonna use the R word because step-Grandma Kim will get upset. Awww to hell with it. What kind of retarded fool fool aspiring Prime Minister, one month before elections, gets into a fight with the president of the most powerful union in the country, the BNTU. The same union and teachers he’s been fighting with for years, calling them incompetent and child-molesters and all kinds of nasty things? What kind of retarded dodo-bird, bird-brained nincompoop insults the president of the BNTU, a woman, calling her ‘low-life’ and an ‘idiot’ just weeks before an election? Patrick Faber has to be the boy who is pictured in the encyclopaedia under the word RETARDED. This punk can’t seem to keep his emotions in check. He decides he wants to name a pre-school after his mama, and then gets pissed when people say em, but why? Just cause it’s your mama? Jesus take the wheel. We’d say take the whole vehicle but Patrick drove it into the sea. It’s incredible to think that this man is trying to convince voters that he is prepared to lead this country. Wow. Things that make you go hmmm.

Eyes on YOU

The UDP is reportedly trying to give Imer Hernandez a $50M contract to replace the Haulover Bridge, one month before election and after the House has already been dissolved. Take note, all who have eyes and ears. A new Government of the People’s United Party will be cancelling all invalid contracts, and if an audit turns up corruption in the award of the contract, people will go to jail. Read carefully. People will go to jail. This frigging stinking corruption which has followed the UDP all through office has to come to an end. NOW.