Belly of the Beast


Minister’s Wife

At first, we were willing to give Danini Contreras a pass. We figured it was the least we could do because being married to Pablo Marin had to be punishment enough. So we didn’t make a fuss when she was given a high up position in the Ministry of Health, even though she wasn’t qualified. We didn’t make noise about what was an obvious conflict of interest, her working for her husband in the Ministry. We didn’t laugh when the list of registered pharmacists was released recently and her name wasn’t on it. Imagine, Danini is the Director of the Drug Inspectorate which monitors pharmaceuticals, and she isn’t even a pharmacist. We left it alone. But this is past the mark. In March of this year, Danini, who is also the daughter of Erwin Contreras, was promoted from payscale 18 to payscale 23 in the public service. If March of this year sounds familiar, it was the same exact time when the country-s economy tanked because of Covid-19. At the same time when public officers across this country were told that they would have to take one for the team and defer increments. It was the same time when thousands of Belizeans lost their jobs and the UDP started mumbling about retrenchment. But see, Danini is a special public officer. Not special in terms of her abilities or her intelligence. But ‘special’ because she is the daughter of one Minister and is married to her boss, the Minister of Health. So apparently this qualifies her for a massive pay raise and promotion when every other public officer had to take a pay-cut. The UDP never changes. They never will.

El Odio

The man with the Superman curl, El Odio, is hilarious. Did anybody catch his interview on Channel 7 this week? Jules asked him what he was doing at the PGIA on Friday because it sure as hell looked like he was there to escort some Chinese VIPs and cargo through normal Immigration and Customs procedures. So Aragon says that he was there just to say hi, cause whoever was coming in was the friend of a friend. Then Aragon goes on to say that he was there cause the Chinese VIPS (he thinks they were investors but he’s not sure) were bringing face masks for him. So Jules says, well tell us about those masks. And Aragon says, well see – I didn’t actually get the masks. I just dropped them off at the Radisson, because I think that’s where they were staying. What an absolute doofus! So Jules asks…well what was Minister Contreras doing there? And El Odio says well em…I don’t know. He might have been meeting the same people I was meeting. But you’d have to ask him. Good lerd. The thing is that it’s hard to be angry at El Odio. He’s not acting a fool. It’s not an act. He really isn’t bright at all. But then again, maybe his skill lies in other areas, like may be looking the other way when drug planes land. A lil bird told the Belize Times that Aragon’s ministerial salary all this time hasn’t been touched – just banked every month. So something else must be paying, and paying big. Things that make you go hmmmm!

Poor Patsy

Cousin Patsy made much ado about the handing over of the UDP mantle the other day. He claims he is now the UDP leader, as opposed to the leader-elect. He claims he’s in charge. Poor guy. The thing is that nobody trusts him to lead the UDP, much less lead the country. If the UDP had all this confidence in him, then why is Grampa Dean holding onto power until elections are called? If the UDP has all this confidence in him, then how come Grampa Dean didn’t hand over power the moment cousin Pats won the convention by the skin of his teeth? Guess who’s called a press conference for this week to update the nation on the Covid-19 situation. It’s not Patrick, who is in his mind the leader of the UDP and presumably the leader of the country at this point. The man holding the press conference in Grampa Dean, who absolutely refuses to hand over any sort of responsibility to Pats. We listened to that drivel being spewed at the virtual launch when Gramps said he had all confidence in Pats. Awww!! it’s all the usual crap we hear every time he opens his mouth. Pats is persona non-grata within his own party, and we’re putting him on notice that he’ll get the shock of his life in Collet very soon.


It’s a hell of a thing. The last time Jamal bin-Laden Barrow was missing so long, it was because he was dropping soap and playing doctor in prison. If there’s one thing we can say about Jamal, it’s that he never misses a photo op. But since the report that he kicked his wife in her back, the washed-up has-been rapper has gone missing. It’s like he vanished in thin air. Guess he can’t be showing his face and talking crap bout how he’s a family man when everybody knows he’s nothing but a lowdown woman beater. He’ll get what’s coming to him though. Best believe that.