Belly of the Beast


Something is wrong

It breaks our hearts to hear about the six year old boy who died from COVID at the KHMH. No family member was allowed to stay with him, so his last days of life were spent alone. It is too much to even contemplate. We don’t understand how it is that no provision was ever put in place for a parent or family member to stay with a sick child in the ICU if they so choose. Is it that the Ministry of Health can’t even spare a PPE for a parent to use? Is it that nobody even thought that this would happen? Is it that the Ministry of Health is being run by an electrician who we hear never passed his electrician’s exam because he still can’t figure out how to change a lightbulb? This is a sad, sad situation. The UDP will have a lot to answer for when all is said and done.

Too little too late

With two weeks to go till elections, the UDP is pulling out all the stops. A couple days ago they were in Santa Clara in the Corozal District handing out $500 to cane-farmers. As one cane-farmer told them, we’ll take your money but we will never forget how you all neglected us all this time. This is how the UDP does it. They promised drought assistance to farmers two years ago after millions were lost. That money never reached. They kept putting it off, excuse after excuse. But now, just days before elections, the Ministry of Agriculture miraculous manages to find $500 to hand out to cane-farmers. It’s the same thing that the UDP’s Deputy Hugo Patt has been doing. For years, the hotbed of corruption has served only a few of the well-connected UDPs who have managed to grab hold of thousands of acres of prime Belizean land. But now, just before elections, the UDP is playing Santa Claus and is handing out leases to Belizeans. Take their money, take the land. This is your money and your land. But on November 11th, reject them.

Terrible Tony

The UDP has been making a lot of noise about how they will keep people safe during this time of the pandemic, but it seems that just maybe, Tony Herrera in Corozal didn’t get the memo. A little bird in the Elections and Boundaries Department called us panicked because Herrera, who was confirmed COVID-19 positive, showed up for Nomination Day even though he was supposed to be on quarantine. Seems that Herrera claims that he had been tested and was now negative, and that he would provide proof of that at some later date. The thing is, there’s no evidence on the test lists that Herrera was tested and returned negative for COVID, and word is that he still hasn’t sent in this so-called proof to the Elections and Boundaries Department. How irresponsible is that? People are dying almost every single day from COVID-19 in Belize, and Herrera feels it is okay to be parading on the street for Nomination Day and putting other people at risk. Typical UDP. Their days are all numbered.

Trenches…not tranches

It’s the cutest thing. John Saldivar still acts like he is the big man in Belmopan, even when people treat him like the scum that he is. He won’t be able to pretend for much longer, though, because we hear from a source in the Ministry of National Security that contact has already been made with the attorneys in the Lev Dermen prosecution, and they are claiming that they have exactly what is needed in the investigation of Saldivar for corruption. These attorneys, we are told, are willing to share all the evidence that they have and the process has been started already. We are reliably informed that it look very bad for Saldivar, but we kinda knew that already. That same source in the Ministry of National Security says that the investigation into corruption by former UDP Minister Herman Longsworth is also well underway, and they expect that to be an open and shut matter. We figure people are already getting the sense that very soon there’ll be a new government in place in Belmopan, and so things are already starting to fell into place. That’s really bad news for some of these Ministers and their cronies who will no doubt end up spending some quality time at the Kolbe 5-star resort – ALL INCLUSIVE.