Faber the Unfortunate One


“Unfortunate” is the choice word for one very incompetent and clearly under-qualified Patrick J. Faber. Unfortunate is another way of saying that he has no plan nor anyway he can do to solve a problem. Name the political problem the UDP has endured and Faber is standing right beside Barrow as inert as bitter salt.

Two of the BIG ones were his lack of comprehension and knowledge of the Joshua Perdomo 40 thousand student loan write-off. It seemed back then and now that Faber was content to be in the dark. It was so much easier to turn a blind eye to a wrong in the Education realm. Just as now he is ignoring that High School students have not received the promised devices for them to join the ongoing online classes.

The next one is really hypocritical of Faber who has found himself in a similar domestic dispute to Shyne Barrow’s meltdown. All lowly Faber can say is that the Barrow report isn’t, in so many words, really a cause for concern. What else can Faber say when he has been embroiled in the same issue? Again, Faber is powerless because he has no moral authority.

All of the United Democratic Party is severely compromised. The very Red that represents the UDP has been corrupted by the unethical to illegal acts of the UDP during 13 years of a maladministration that has placed us in three economic recessions including the current one.

Patrick Jason Faber is complicit and guilty of being a part of any and all infamy that can be attributed to the UDP. As Barrow passed the baton to Faber on October 8, we did not hear any rejection of the old UDP. It was UDP business as usual.

Fortunately for Belize, Faber will not even get a whisk of Prime Ministerial office. Dean Barrow made sure to call elections FIRST then he reluctantly handed the deteriorated corrupt UDP remains to a Faber that showed disappointment as he knows that castigation is the only reward he will get.

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