Firesale: From Pigs to now…Cattle


A recent Belize Times Headline pointed to the UDP firesale beginning. We know the United Democratic Party and the voraciousness of their greed. Just like in 1998, the UDP is intent on draining the Belizean purse and resources for as much as they can. In that year, the Esquivel puppet maneuvered by no other than 1.5 Billion dollar man himself left Belize at zero without grieving at all. They were poised to invest and they cared less about the people. In that year, we saw UDP radio stations, law firms, and other businesses taking hold of ill-acquired taxpayer monies.

Fast forward to 2020, our Belizean coffers are being indecently dried up. Public servants are willing to give us the info. Photographers and videographers are more ubiquitous than in 1998. The evidence will be ready for the courts.

In a few pictures on-site at Central Farm in the Cayo District do we see cattle being moved? Is it true that prices were conveniently reduced from 2 to 1.5 dollars just in time for this corrupt transaction? What stake does caretaker Minister Montero and family have in this? Is Godwin Hulse helping out his predecessor?

When Barrow and William’s rents to the Ministry of National Security… Barrow benefits and all his old cadre and successor envy.

So Fabre auto-accommodates in open secrecy to fill a promise to our children to procure tablets IF the parents vote UDP. Initially, the promise was that they will get the tablet. But now, it is called blackmail and bribery. Many of our children are still not signed up to their online studies due to the Faber distasteful lie…I mean utter incompetent misinformation.

As the UDP rummages through Belizean resources they feel insecure. We can now see UDP caretaker Ministers slithering around Belize with a Police detail. Of course, the overworked policeman is getting paid NO extra wages for putting their lives on the line, especially in the times of the coronavirus.

The ONLY extra, promised to frontline workers, being received is Covid-19. There are UDP ex-Ministers and former representatives that keep their police detail way past the dissolution of the House. Why?

For example, Vega should use his 400,000 to pay his own security.

So from rentals to the Haulover, to fire station, to Tax writeoffs, and now to cattle., the UDP is preparing for life after November 11. But do not worry Belize, they are leaving a long trail. Their incompetence does not allow them to see the crumbs falling along the way. The UDP will pay!!