Follow the Leader


“The roof, the roof the roof is on fire.  Follow the leader, leader, leader follow the leader.” The Soca Boys must be soothsayers to have predicted the regrettable circumstances of the UDP and their unfortunate top dog leading up to general elections.  Since our last editorial, there have been new and interesting developments.  The Leader Elect, if not in effect, has been in the news yet again fanning the flames of controversy.  This time over the naming of a preschool in honour of his dear mother.  There is no question as to the years of service that Ms. Betty has given.  The question rather is whether that alone is enough to merit the naming of a school in her honour, given there are so many educators with equal years of service.  Ms. Betty for all her trajectory as an early education advocate and teacher as told by her loving son Patrick holds only a temporary teaching license.  All other teachers have been pressured into fulfilling all the requirements for permanent licenses or risk losing their post.  How is it then that she continues to hold only a temporary license?

The matter then is not that Ms. Betty should not have a school named after her.  Rather the problem is that the Minister of Education chose his mother among the many educators who hold a permanent license, have equally long standing careers and have also contributed maybe even more significantly to the teaching profession.  To state more clearly, the problem is not Ms. Betty, the problem is her son who is clearly nepotistic and despotic.  He has also named a football stadium after his late brother Andrew who was known only as a new comer in politics and was not active in sports.  Certainly there have been many politicians, athletes and educators that have contributed significantly to Belizean society but they lacked perhaps the most important quality…a familial tie to Minister Faber.  In any organization, the leader sets the style, tone and pace.

Minister Faber has long ago shown us the stuff he is made of.  He has a flair for defying authority, a definite mean misogynistic streak, a predisposition for victimization, a gusto for nepotism and violent mood swings.  In the words of one of his party’s supporters “a sick puppy.”  It is no small wonder then that several of the candidates on the UDP ticket, just like their leader, have reportedly been violent toward their sentimental partners.  Some of the cases have been reported to the police and even made it to the press, later due to public pressure these reports have been withdrawn, the victims of domestic abuse too intimidated to press charges.

The former wife of Minister Faber was forced for her own safety to leave the country under such circumstances, after her car had been vandalized and the windows smashed with a cement block.  The most recent scandal coming out of the UDP camp is that standard bearer Shyne had again messed up.  True to form, the police report was withdrawn by the victim amid fairy tales of new found marital bliss.  The modus operandi is the same and not likely to change because it has so far been successful.  The new leader’s qualities will be magnified and reflected throughout his party. We can only expect that the victimization, the nepotism, the corruption, the violent misogynistic actions will continue unabated because they all sing and dance to the tune of “follow the leader.”  The UDP roof is on fire and their dolly house falls in ashes all around them, we cannot allow this to continue any longer.  On November 11th vote BLU.