I have never volunteered for any politician to join in the campaign trail until this year. I did it because I have been living in Cayo West for the past 20 years and it amazes me that we had an area representative who has been in position even before I was born, and no one can show me any real development that has impacted the lives of the young people.

I have worked hard and sacrificed to get my education with the help of my parents and other family members. Of course, I want to continue further my education. I look around and I wonder what has happened to Cayo West? Why isn’t there any vibrant source of employment? Why is it that there is no source of gainful employment that has been spearheaded by the area representative? I see no source of employment that has been promoted or encouraged by the area representative who has been sitting in this position for a long 22 years streak. Sadly, but true, I have not heard him speak on our behalf for a prosperous Cayo West all these years he has been in the House of Representatives. All I ever saw was him banging his table when others on his side spoke.

I have nothing personal against the outgoing area representative who has held powerful ministries, that, had he really loved this area, he would have championed on behalf of all of us. He seems to be a nice person, but that is as far as I can tell. Of course, I strongly believe that he could have done very much in order to bring true progress for all.

The few times I saw young people engaged by the area representative was when elections were close, be it village council, town board, or national elections. Then and only then, I saw them dressed up in red shirts and given short-term menial jobs that lasted a few days before the elections. After that, they were forgotten by the same one who always said that he was always with us.

How many times, I wished he would have called annual conferences of youth leaders from organizations such as from the churches, sports, environment, cultural, NGOs, etc. to be involved in meaningful discussions to garner ideas to help improve the conditions of the young people in general of this small area of Cayo West and engage many in meaningful long term jobs.

I am not in favour of handouts for the young people, rather, in the meaningful development of the human potential regardless of political affiliation, race or creed. I dislike when young people are simply used by the politician for his personal convenience and then dumped for the next three or five years. We are a generation that dreams big, but with our feet on the ground. I don’t think that believing in the possibilities made any sense to me.

So, as I engaged myself with other young people and walked away from the central parts of both Benque Viejo and San Jose Succotz, I was amazed and very disheartened to see the conditions in which the people lived. I saw first-hand, the reality of the lives of people who have been made to believe that the best time for them was coming. I had never ventured beyond the central areas of San Jose Succotz or Benque Viejo, so I had no idea of the true situation of our dear citizens.  I encourage everyone to go and see for yourself and see the dire situation in which our people live. After seeing the sad conditions in Succotz and Benque, I wonder how it is in Arenal, Calla Creek or Corozalito or the small communities out of the areas before mentioned.  It seems that in those areas the possibilities for improvement or the best of times never arrived. I cry for my people and the youth and especially for the children I encountered in those areas.

Seeing all these things has motivated me to fight even stronger and with more passion for a better Cayo West. I have heard how Mr. Jorge Espat speaks of his plan of work for the people of this area. I have heard him talk about his passion to help improve the dire situation in which our people live. I have seen him walk over and in puddles of water on what we may want to call streets. I have seen him walk in bushy areas where we were told, were supposed to be streets. I have seen poverty as I have never imagined I would see in Cayo West. My heart aches to see such deplorable conditions in which old people and especially where children live.

What impacts me more is that we have heard mantras such as ‘Believe in the possibilities’, ‘The best is yet to come,’ Tu amigo, siempre contigo’, Trabajando para el desarrollo’, etc. etc. Indeed they all sound fine and dandy, but as far as I am concerned, they all lack substance and it has only been a smokescreen all these years. I am convinced that change is inevitable and that we want a new kind of leader to lead us into a better future for all of us. For these and all other reasons, I definitely believe that our hope lies with Mr. Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat. I see substance in this gentleman who comes with a wealth of experience the world of entrepreneurship, business and job employment opportunities.

I call on all our young voters to make the right and sensible decision to vote for a man who is decisive and who will work towards the betterment of all and who, I believe, will speak on our behalf at the House of Representatives. Vote for Mr. Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat this coming 11 of November 2020.

My vote is for Mr. Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat. I have spoken