Health System Overwhelmed


Is it community Spread?

Our loved ones are dying due to Covid-19. The Prime Minister finally calls for the General Election, the House dissolves, Minister decrees a holiday, and then the UDP bleats a reminder that Ministers are still in charge of Belize. BUT there is no press conference/plan on the actual mitigating of the Covid-19 spread; what are they in charge of that is more important? The airport is open; is it mission accomplished for the UDP? The United States has downgraded Belize to a level Four(Do Not Travel) destination. The UDP are active only to dig deep into the very last from the Belizean purse.

Some of us have become immune to the rise in Covid-19 numbers and ignoring the reports. It seems that as soon as Covid-19 case are going down, people seem to stop taking care of themselves. Belize is lacking leadership. Around the world, leadership has been noted as an essential component to beating the coronavirus.

We should not be at this level given our small population density. Many countries with larger populations have less cases and deaths than Belize…Taiwan is the best example. One town or fifteen thousand or so, Orange Walk, has more active cases than the Cancun area of a million people.

Is the Northern Regional Hospital Equipped with PCR testing or Ventilators? Why after eight months of knowledge of the deadliness of the once novel coronavirus, do we still have to rush to Belize City? Hospitals are more important than bridges at this moment. UDP, if you cannot do the job, “pack up your bags and leave…hand over the government to the PUP” no need to wait until November 11. The Election date feels like an eternity to our suffering Belizeans.

The Covid-19 reality hidden by the UDP is that there is a full-fledged community spread especially in Orange Walk. San Pedro’s August 2020 plight pales to the number of cases seen in Orange Walk now in October 2020. According to a medical professional and public health expert, “Community spread according to the CDC, means people are being infected with the virus and they are not sure where and when the infection is occurring. With the numbers we are seeing in Orange Walk and Corozal there is definitely community spread.” Additionally he stated, People continue to die before getting tested. This is proof that testing is not readily available and accessible. By now each regional hospital should have PCR testing capacity. Turnaround time is still too long. Statistics needs to be presented in a format that is more practical. Each positive case has the potential to contaminate 2.5 persons and that is why our numbers keep increasing. We need to know the cause of death of the Covid patients.”

A new PUP government will increase our testing capacity immediately and hire a trained cadre of contact tracers and identify suitable quarantine areas. A massive public health campaign in the villages and towns that are most affected will be undertaken. The economic and social aspects of the pandemic will be addressed seriously and without politics as is being done now. Hospital and home care needs to be standardized and disseminated in all districts. Private health care facilities need to be engaged to play their role in tackling this pandemic.—PlanBelize-Health

Most Belizeans know that we have to live with the virus until there is a vaccine but yet the protocols are not heeded. The vulnerable will continue dying if this continues. Again, leadership is lacking.

Our older ones and loved ones need our love. They all have lots more to live. Fact: Many of us can have Covid and not know it. We can infect others unknowingly.

Do not be a killer, please USE your face mask properly. Get one that works well and replace when necessary; this protects everyone. Wash your hands thoroughly especially when you touch objects from outside your normal surroundings; wash along with sanitizing with 65percent or more of alcohol. Lastly, the reason most people get Covid is breathing in viruses JUST exhaled by others. STAY AWAY as much…this is called physical or social distancing. Don’t be in crowds for too long.

Do NOT visit your vulnerable while you are without a mask. STAY at a 6 foot distance or more from them and make it quick. You can love them all you want virtually, so when the pandemic is over, you can go have those hearty conversations.

Our very heartfelt sympathies to those that have died here in Belize and around the world. It breaks my heart.

Please care…God would want you to care and be safe.