Let’s Get it ON


We Are Ready!

The coward UDP tried to hide behind a ‘Dear Belizeans’ to secretly announce the upcoming end to their reign of corruption and vile incompetence during 4661 days of unforgivable infamy. The paddocks of Belizean sentiment have been checking every minute of the day for weeks now in patient frustration—‘when are the Elections?” Even Kim faced the music to announce her failure to complete the obligations of the Special Envoy but not the Prime Minister.

Barrow’s rude scurry from the House Meeting on September 25, 2020 before adjournment was a masked surrender while Faber’s Pontius Pilate-like sanitizing of his hands just prior at the same Sitting will do nothing to prevent the deserved castigation of the UDP gaggle by the people. For Belizean citizens, the sacred vote against the UDP, and a vote for the Hope in the PUP and John Briceño is only a new beginning. The people want the UDP to pay even with jail time as the maximum penalty for any and all crimes.

The People’s United Party finds no consolation in a win in protest of the criminal UDP.  John Briceño and the PUP are armed with the broad and all-encompassing planBelize that will see Education, Health, Agriculture, Women, Family, Rural Living, Housing, Infrastructure, Transport, Security, Justice and more reformed to involve all of Belize in a concerted execution of said planBelize.

Governance, Land and other topics are still left to be unveiled and all can be captured for detail in planBelize.bz. Look out for them as the new Belize will include you.

The promise from John Briceño and PUP team 31 is one of extreme readiness, humble unity, and positive high-spirits of confidence. The PUP humble asks Belize to jump on board our BLU movement and Win!!