Letter: Educational Tablets or Expensive Paperweights?


Hi Editor,

a question that many people on the social media keep asking ever since the news came regarding tablets is what is the actual amount for the contract to purchase those tablets? Reason being that the specification for that specific model of tablet is somewhat under powered and questionable for student’s needs.

Another unknown, when will students receive those tablets considering school is starting next week and many students still do not have access to devices to participate in class. In the event that student are actually provided devices, what happens to those students who do not have internet access? Will they be provided with some means to connect to their classes with these devices?

Considering the magnitude of devices purchased, what sort of guarantee will be provided students and teachers that these will serve the intended purpose to educate students? Students deserve the very best, especially when it comes to education and even more as a result of the covid19 pandemic. So it leaves one to wonder.

Why was a tablet chosen over a laptop and who are behind the scenes making these decisions? Did teachers or students get an opportunity to use these tablets in a pilot project? Teachers and students should be factored in at all levels as especially considering the diverse situation students as well as teachers find themselves in making it to class regardless if it virtually or physically present.

Therefore the least that is expected from the Ministry of Education is to provide value for money considering it public coffers footing the bill. Finally, it was only a couple years ago that tablets were given to UB students, will these tablets suffer the same fate as those tablets and ultimately end up short of expectation?

Thanks Editor,

Our Children Matter the Most