Letter: Recession Since Dec 2019, So Barrow Blames Covid-19


Dear Editor,

Is there a law against murdering a country? Barrow Killed Belize by destroying her economy, then, Blamed the Coronavirus.

In February 2008, the Barrow stampede was voted into government as the PUP largely lost the election…voters since then know that well. The economy was trending up as it had been for ten straight years but still.

The economy was set to be an example that could in a generation be compared with best of global economic stories. Agro industry, Tourism, Call Center Industry and entrepreneurship was on the upswing. Small mistakes were presented with lies and riots and calls for civil disobedience by a Barrow whose lies began even from then.

So when today Barrow and his government are challenged by the truth there should be no surprise.

Barrow’s little legacy will forever be tainted by the fact that he was found guilty of unconstitutionally and thus illegally spending 1.5 billion dollars. In January of 2020, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court read a judgement that in essence called out the Prime Minister for the multiple fix jobs he used the House to legalize spending after he spent the money.

When will we the peasants be able to do that? Never, the bank will first take our house. I hope the PUP clarifies all this and gets back our money from Vega and Pitts.

Very Informed