Letter: Shyne is Worse than Finnegan


Dear Editor,

I love to use Google… I am sure I am one of their top users. So when I saw that Shyne was a Grammy winner with number one hits. I quickly Googled.

After a search of multiple words and nothing…. The best I can see is that he was associated with some people who themselves were nominated.

Billboard number one song..this is in Shyne’s dreams. What I found is he peaked at 4 which is good but is marred by him saying he was number one.

Also, I has heard about Shyne being deported and was actually giving him a pass on it. But I read many a disturbing thing. Google give you everything.

I will like to end this essay right here. I ask you…if you will vote in Mesopotamia and are still considering Shyne please Google as many words as possible. December 1999 is important to Belize… and a month Shyne would like to forget.

His little stints with viral videos in Belize make it clear that he is still lots of his old self. Be well informed when you go vote.

Read also with the young lady, Pitts has to say. She, for me, if way ahead in terms of what Belize needs.

Shyne is No Finnegan

He is Worse