No Word from the UDP Caretakers


After Record Escape

On October 12 Belizeans discovered that 28 prisoners at the Kolbe facility had taken advantage of brewing internal weaknesses to make good on a rudimentary escape plan. The following day what was called a riot happened but of course, this is behind bars so who really knows what happened? Were policemen on the scene during the tremor event?

To backpedal a couple weeks, the coronavirus had finally invaded the 7-month Covid-free prison and transformed their pet scare to reality. The prison management decided to finally lockup the prisoners or so it sounded to a skeptical public. Another set that was surprised were the prisoners, how dare Kolbe decides to lock them up? The nerve of Kolbe management to treat them like prisoners. Was Kolbe mistreating their prisoners beyond human rights?

Pardon the initial sarcasm…

The basic story had prisoners taking advantage of a point in time when a prisoner faked being ill in an area with no cameras. Next thing, a hostage is taken and incarceration is breached as many scurry out. Most likely, twenty eight did not plan the escape but some took advantage to place their lives in danger.

Once you escape, all bets are off as you will be sought, hunted and returned. Returning alive was a no-no for the duo that has stolen guard firearms.

As we would expect the prisoners are being captured one by one but that does not calm the fears of the populace especially residents in the Kolbe/Hattieville area.

With all the lives at stake, one would think that the ‘caretaker government’ would call their quickie press conferences. No can do… they are busy picking up tranches and doing their best to mask Covid relief, Pantry, Imer, and anything that would get them another penny. You know the UDP is just collecting for their retirement. This 2020 election is all about castigating the UDP and they do not care.