Questions to the UDP Standard Bearers

  1. Will UDP Leader Patrick Faber please say if he will condemn the actions of Shyne Barrow for abusing his wife and will the Party Leader also say if he will demand that Shyne steps down?
  2. So why is the UDP having an event to install a leader? Did Patrick Faber not swear the oath of office right after their last convention?
  3. What is the status of John Saldivar’s health? When last we heard, he was in quarantine out of an abundance of caution.  Perhaps out of an abundance of caution, the people of Belmopan should reject this man for all the wrongs he has done as their representative.
  4. Who is paying for those food hampers that UDP standard bearers are handing out with their party logos and slogans? Shouldn’t these logos be on billboards and campaign materials that are supposed to be paid for by their Party?   Government pantry should not be used by UDP politicians to get votes.
  5. Stay safe Belize, remember to wear you face mask in public, wash your hands frequently and practice physical distancing