Solid Commitments


By Gilroy Usher, Sr.

“Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the right stuff to turn our dream into reality.” – James Womack

With the fully support of the blue machine my team and I are fighting for a better life and a better community for all the residents of the Port Loyola and Belizeans countrywide.

This is a just cause because while the last twelve years have been the best time of prosperity for UDP Ministers, their relatives,  and their cronies, the same period has been a disaster for ordinary Belizeans including red and blue supporters with worsening poverty, no land,  no jobs, inadequate housing, poor access to quality education, and rampant corruption among other disservices.

People need help. I therefore confidently say that as the next Area Representative for Port Loyola there will be no victimization. Red or blue, Usher will help you.

Land will not be taken away from anyone in the area. In addressing the people’s need for land, the next PUP government will compensate private landowners for large tracks of undeveloped land between Belize City and Mile 23 on the George Price Highway. The land will then be filled, surveyed, and distributed to Belizeans with priority for first-time landowners as the party of George Price has a long and proud history of doing. We will also assist the people in getting leases and titles for their land.

Safety net programs such as the Boost and Pantry will be expanded to ensure deserving families are included in them. No one will be taken off either of those undertakings.

The shameful and heartless policy in which taxpayer’s money is used to build mansions for those with political connections but weak plycem houses without partition, electrical wiring, bathroom facilities, and ceilings for the people will be a thing of the past.

Those who want mansions will finance such buildings with their own funds and no longer with taxpayer’s money. We will build low income two and three-bedroom concrete houses for the people complete with all the amenities presently not included, because they deserve nothing less.

In is a fact that jobs enable people to be independent, and in control of their own destiny. That’s one of the dreams of all Belizeans.

Jobs creation in the Port Loyola Division will include a) a one-time $500.00 grant for all small businesses in the area to assist with the paying of a bill or the acquiring of necessary supplies. b) a free daycare for single mothers who are gainfully employed on the minimum wage, and c) a special loan program for taxi operators, who are renting vehicles. With this initiative taxi operators in the area will be required to pay a maximum of $20.00 daily towards owning their own vehicles instead of $40.00 to $50.00 per day for rental of a taxi—the present situation.

In one of scores of bogus land compensations that amounted to over $100 million with this red government, Pitts and Vega were gifted $400,000.00 each for themselves alone in a bogus land deal which definitely involved the Minister, the dad. With a maximum of 200 small business in the Port Loyola Division, that’s enough money to give each small business in the area a one-time grant of $4,000.00.

Corruption clearly deprives the country of resources that are necessary to address the needs of the populace. In waging a true fight against this vice, as the next Area Representative of Port Loyola and John Briceño as Prime Minister of Belize, the administration will give up control of the Public Accounts Committee, the Integrity Commission, and the Senate to enable those three watchdog bodies to do their jobs in ensuring that the funds and other resources of the nation are not used to enrich crooked politicians but are instead used to improve the lives all Belizeans and their communities.

With an end to the massive corruption in government, underpinned with economic growth and proper management of the resources of the country, our team and a John Briceño led administration will keep those and commitments to residents of Port Loyola and Belizeans on a whole from the Rio Hondo to the Sarstoon River and from Benque to the cayes.