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Andre Perez, Belize Rural South

Our continuous campaign has taken us to DFC subdivision, a thriving and massive community, where we met so many residents that are out of work and are unable to make ends meet. For hardworking people like ourselves, the crippling effect of this pandemic truly affects us, emotionally as well as economically. Our 100 day plan was created by listening to residents, so it provides solutions most of their concerns . We will continue to meet families as we all talk about why we deserve better than the current administration.

#WeDeserveBetter   |  #EverybodyFiWin   |  #AndreOnTheTrail   |  #merecemosmejor

I call on all our Belizean sisters and brothers:  never lose hope! Long Live Belize!!!”

Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Belize Rural Central

Once again Big Thanks to the business community being FAST Construction Co. Ltd. !! They have committed to assist Ms. Dolores and the BRC community with road upgrades !! Today the brand new grader is in Spanish Town and Aracari Street  !! They have said also they will assist us not only in Ladyville and Lord’s Bank 😊🙏. The photo shows the spanking new grader, Chairman Bernardo and Ms. Dolores. Gracias to FAST Construction and big up the grader man!!!! 💙😊👍🏼🙏

Jose Mai, Orange Walk South

En estas Elecciones Generales votemos PUP. 💙La Esperanza de un Futuro Mejor

May God bless our bountiful Natural Resources and protect our people from this Pandemic and from any other Natural Disaster!!!

Spent a wonderful day in OWS!! Love the feeling. Indeed it is clear that the frustration level is at the maximum!

Con Jose Abelardo Mai estamos en buenas manos. 

Candice Pitts, Mesopotamia

September 29th, 2020, marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s United Party—a party created with a commitment to social justice, anti colonialism, nation building, the protection of all Belizeans against oppression, and the sovereignty and development of the human person of all Belizeans. May we never forget!

This political creed helped to inspire our candidate’s decision to join the PUP—and this creed reflects in every decision our team makes and every action our team takes in Mesopotamia.

We continue to prioritize assisting residents in more meaningful and practical ways to develop their human person and their communities.

Even now, instead of spending money on campaign paraphernalia (money that could go towards residents’ more urgent needs), our team demonstrates our emphasis on self-empowerment and sufficiency by deciding to make our own.

The women are using skills gained at the Mesopotamia Sewing Center to sew our flags, and our men are always there, to not just put the flags together, but, to contribute their skills to every thing we do.

Happy 70th Anniversary to the PUP!

It is time for Our People to Win!

It is time for Mesopotamia to Win!///

Again, we will witness as our candidate goes from working diligently on the streets of Mesopotamia, playing with children, and even raiding neighborhood berry trees, to preparing for conferences and helping to draft policies that will help develop the lives of all Belizeans.

What we admire most about her is that she does not find the need to flaunt. She lets her character, credentials, and accomplishments speak for themselves.

Mike Espat, Toledo East

The choice is clear. The people across this country had enough of the UDP.  The video you sharing with Enfield and his colleagues has no substance.  That was before 2012! The people had given Mike Espat to serve thereafter. Anyways, kindly share the video below too since you are so open and vocal. (Message from team)













Oscar Requena, Toledo West

Long but Lovely day today. Lots of Love From Jalacte.

The message is Clear The People will vote for Oscar Requena

They want to get rid of this UDP Gov.

We will Deliver

Don’t be left Behind Join the Winning Team.

## Team Oscar Requena##

PUP all the way

Oscar Requena for Toledo West.

Election Day, we will vote Oscar…##Plan Belize##

David J. Castillo, Corozal North

David Castillo the true leader we need for Corozal North! A leader that will bring prosperity, equality and betterment for the people of Corozal North!

VOTE for DAVID CASTILLO! Vote for the PUP!Bajo un nuevo Gobierno PUP, el candidato DAVID CASTILLO se compremete a crear mas oportunidades  de empleo para su gente de Corozal Norte y Corozal!gobierno. Ya es tiempo para un cambio! Ya es tiempo para sacar el UDP! Ya es tiempo de votar para el PUP! #daveforcorozalnorth   #planbelize   #changeiscoming

Florencio Marin Jr., Corozal Southeast

Visiting Progresso today. Support is overwhelming!! Nacimos para ganar.

Carolina: Change is coming, and only under a PUP central Government Corozal Southeast will see progress. Mr. Florencio Marin Jr. will deliver for his people of Corozal Southeast who have been punished and neglected all these 12 years. QUE VIVA EL PUP Y QUE VIVA COROZAL SURESTE

Rodwell Ferguson, Stann Creek West

I don’t see Belizeans across this country putting in back this set that is ruling our country. Stann Creek West take note we cannot afford to be in opposition we are too productive, I have great plans for you when we are in the driver’s seat can’t be business as usual. We will take away the political Interference when issuing house lots. We will make sure that your lot will be surveyed before you moved on it. We will implement a plan to survey all those lots that people don’t have any documents.  It will be all about the people.

Ramon ‘Monchi’ Cervantes, Orange Walk North

TEAM MONCHI campaigning here in the beautiful village of Trial Fam. The people are very excited to meet the future leader of the North, Ramon Cervantes

Monchi is ready to listen to the concerns of the northeños. He is taking notes on how to better our beautiful jewel. He is a man with a good heart and he is ready to serve the people. ¡Que viva Monchi, Que viva el PUP!

Alex Balona, Cayo Central

 Let’s do this, come out and vote.




Julius Espat, Cayo South






Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, Cayo West

As we Celebrate and reminisce the 70 years of great accomplishments with the PUP, we are reminded of the UNITY and STRENGTH the PUP brings in 2020. We come ready to WIN and bring progress! WE WILL WIN! WE ARE READY!

#planBelize #MilinparaCayoOeste #2020añodelcambio #Tuvototienepoder 

Oscar Mira, Belmopan

My dear fellow residents of Belmopan – Very soon we will be asked to make a choice: Do we keep the old, dishonest and disgraced leadership for Belmopan or do we make a fresh start and restore respect, honour and integrity to the leadership of our Capital City? Let us write a new chapter together. We can and must do better for our people whether in education, healthcare, housing, jobs or governance. #freshstart///

COVID 19 has changed a lot of things and we have to be more cautious but we will do our best to reach as many of our residents in Belmopan. We resumed our street campaign yesterday so look out for our team members in your neighborhood. Thank you for your overwhelming support and together we shall be victorious on election day! #abetterBelmopan #prosperityandsecurityforall  #teammira///


There is a popular saying among grassroots Belizeans – when the PUP is in power, everybody eats. This might be anecdotal and sentimental but the people are right. They know what they see and feel. They might not have the numbers or the statistics but the World Bank does. So we analyzed the annual growth of GDP per capita since Independence and every time the UDP is in power the people have less spending power.

They have less, not more, money in their pockets. As a matter of fact for the last 3 terms of the UDP, the growth of income per person has been negative! This simply means that you have less money in your pocket now than when Dean Barrow came to office. We are poorer, much more than when he started. But you know what we have a lot of? DEBT.

We owe billions and we can’t say we have benefited. The UDP and Barrow have made us poorer and we have the numbers to prove it. You can get the World Bank figures here and do your own calculations.

Knowing her more than most, we can say confidently that her empathy, integrity, and humility are some of her greatest qualities.

She is approachable, never insulting, always treats every human being with respect, and tries to help others as best she can.

This is the type of representative Mesopotamia needs; this is the type of leader Belize needs.

#NewTypeofLeadership #ChangeisHere #CandicePitts #MesopotamiasChoice2020

Landy Habet, Cayo Southeast

Happy Birthday to our party!

The PUP and its members have always put people’s interests first. With the same ideals, and in the same fashion that we achieved Independence, in November when we form the new government, we will take up the challenge to rebuild Belize.

All Belizeans will enjoy quality education, quality healthcare and the bounty of this land. #planBelize #planificarBelize #TodosGanamosConLandy #WeAllWinWithLandy//

Access to proper housing is a basic right for every single Belizean. We can ensure that living conditions are improved so you can live a safe and comfortable life. Having your own place to call home can be achieved as a top priority under a new PUP Government.///

Exercising your right to vote lets you voice your opinions. Voting lets you decide how we are governed and how we can move forward as a nation.

Come November, let us all head to the polls. Vote because your voice counts. #TodosGanamosConLandy #WeAllWinWithLandy

There might still be time to go to ‘Orlando Habet – PUP Cayo Northeast’ FB page and participate in their LIKE their page competition.





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