The end of the UDP will take place the 4th or 11th of November, 2020.

Thirteen years of the worst Prime Minister and the worst government is four weeks away.

Let every UDP of conscience help in bringing down Mr. Barrow and his crew of corrupters.

Let every PUP, every single one start to work double hard to free Belize of these shameful, thriving, corrupt Ministers of government.

Our country cannot take five more years of the ruination that has fallen over the good, decent people of Belize.


The worthless government of Dean Barrow, Patrick Faber, Saldivar, Castro, Boots, Heredia, Panton and the others have rushed ahead with works on a one hundred eighty million dollars for the Caracol Road. While 32,000 poor, unfortunate Belizeans are desperately waiting on the little one hundred dollars of covid assistance.

The 32 miles of the Coastal Road or Manatee Road between Belize District and Mile 5 on the Stann Creek Hummingbird Highway is also being rushed in order to thief from this overpriced one hundred million dollars project. The UDP announced last week they will name the road after Manuel Esquivel.

Esquivel did nothing to bring about this important road that can help uplift Dangriga, and the rest of southern Belize. It was Hubert Elrington who almost single-handedly pushed through this vital artery. Two previous terms of the UDP under Esquivel and now 13 long, painful years of Dean Barrow did nothing for Griga and the south. Now, to hustle, a huge loan of one hundred million dollars is being squandered four weeks before the UDP are kicked out.


Then listen to this, Dean Barrow, the worst of them all squandered thirty three million dollars for only five miles of road from the airport to Mile 8 on the Western Highway.

What name, pray tell?

“The Road to Corruption”.


The Constitution of Belize, the highest and the supreme law of our nation states at Section 89(1) that “For the purposes of the election of members of the House of Representatives, Belize SHALL be divided into THIRTY ONE electoral divisions…”

Section 90 (1) states that the “Elections and Boundaries Commission SHALL after considering the distribution of the population throughout Belize, make proposals from time to time for dividing Belize into electoral divisions in such a way that :-

each electoral division SHALL have as nearly as may be, an equal number of persons eligible to vote.

the total number of electoral divisions SHALL be not less than twenty-eight.”

Section 90 (2) is also of importance. It states “in fixing the boundaries of electoral divisions the Commission SHALL have regard to the transport and other facilities of the division, and to its physical features.”

Let us pause to offer a little education and some food for thought. No Judge, no Court, no “expert” can change our electoral divisions. Only the Elections and Boundaries Commission has that authority. To do so they cannot act in isolation they must consult the people of Belize. Whatever the Commission agrees on must be put in a proposal to the elected area representatives in the National Assembly, and it must be made and go through the process of the manner of a law. See or Google Section 90 (3).

And let us emphasize this. Any attempt to INCREASE the number of electoral divisions above 31, SHALL be made as a proposal from the Election and Boundaries Commission to the National Assembly who MAY pass a law to give effect to the proposals “with such amendments and modifications as may be seen appropriate to the National Assembly”. See Section 91 (4).

Now this. It is alarming to hear that an “expert” will offer his views to the Supreme Court for the Belize Peace Movement—BPM applied to have the electoral boundaries reviewed. The expert has gone so far as to propose to the court the redrawing of the existing electoral division.

The BPM had a straight forward application to the Supreme Court. It calls for a declaration that the Commission should be told to look at the electoral division in the light of Section 90(1) a and b and 90(2). The Supreme Court has the authority to make such a declaration.

The Supreme Court has no authority to grant an injunction to pause, halt, delay or postpone the pending general elections, not on the issue that the Commission should deal with, redistricting.

The BPM should apply for such an injunction, so they can get the sense. They are poorly advised and they are being a bit naïve. It is possible their good intention has been hijacked.

Because of space constraints let us jump straight to the whole reason for scribbling this column. Look at Section 90(2) above. Is the transport and other facilities in Stann Creek or Toledo similar to Fort George, Queen Square, Pickstock, Mesop or Belize City? Are the physical features similar?

You all need to carefully read the Constitution and seek advice.

And I do appreciate you are opening Pandora’s box against the Creoles. We Creoles have ten electoral divisions in Belize City. You really want to reduce the last remaining opportunity to drag the grand children of slaves out of their poverty and lack of opportunities?

You want to redistrict them down to four or five divisions? With ten divisions the people of Belize City have gotten worse. They have no future under Barrow, Faber, Finnegan, and Boots. For the past twelve years their lives have gotten worse.

And let the record reflect that Johnny Briceño, the next Prime Minister, if God is willing, supports redistricting, but under 90(2) and all the relevant requirements of the Constitution and common sense.


The presentation by Johnny Briceno, Julius Espat and Oscar Requena on transport, possible train links from Corozal/Orange Walk through Cayo to down south is exciting and very important. It incorporates the Gladden plan. It means meaningful development, lots of jobs and new development. It is a vision.

And the new housing proposals just serves to highlight what a lousy, shameful lack of housing opportunities the UDP did to Belizeans.

The UDP will lose bad in the November elections.


The UDP is doing a great injustice to Emerson Banner. Son of Lemonal Village and graduate of St. Michael’s College, Emerson is a qualified lawyer, graduate of the Law University of Norman Manley Law School. He was a former public officer and a prosecutor. He has over thirty years of service in the justice system.

He is a Magistrate for over twenty years. There is a vacancy for Senior Magistrate with the retirement of Magistrate Moody and resignation of Magistrate Arana.

Yet, Emerson Banner has not been promoted to Senior Magistrate even though he has the seniority, experience and qualifications.

The new PUP government will see that Magistrate Banner is treated fairly.


The chancey government has borrowed and received almost fifty million dollars to give food and money to all those affected by covid. Yet most citizens are not getting what belongs to them.

Cho man this government have fi go.

Dey wha lose bad next month.