Dean Barrow is no longer Prime Minister and Patrick Faber has not been appointed as Prime Minister for the remaining three weeks of the government.

It’s incredible but those are facts and the law.

The constitution in section 37 is clear. Whoever is the leader of the party with a majority of elected members must be the Prime Minister.

Dean Barrow gave up the leadership of the UDP on Thursday 8th October to Patrick Faber. Dean Barrow can no longer be Prime Minister because he is no longer the leader of the UDP.

Patrick Faber is the new leader of the UDP, he should have been sworn in as Prime Minister on Friday 9th October by the Governor-General as the constitution requires.

Barrow is pretending to be the Prime Minister. What he is doing is breaking the law, the highest law of the nation-the constitution. Anything he does or signs between 9th October and 11th November when the UDP government is voted out of office is illegal, and as the Judges would say, is null and void, of no effect.

It is unbelievable that Patrick Faber does not know and has no one to advise him that when he was handed the leadership of the UDP he must be sworn in as Prime Minister. Even when the National Assembly is dissolved. The constitution also provides for him to be appointed during a dissolution.

Boy oh boy! In a government so long and does not know the country is being illegally run by Barrow. Neither does anyone else in the caretaker government.


The worst prisoner escapes in the history of Belize took place on Monday 12th October when 28 prisoners got out of the only jail in the country.

The official report of how this happened arise more questions than answers. That one or two guards were overpowered from about 1:00pm in the afternoon and held hostage for five hours before the prisoners used the keys to release dozens of other inmates.

How guards become hostage all afternoon with no other guards or supervisors having the slightest idea, is manifest negligence and incompetence.

We have said it before, there is no functioning Ministry with respect to the prison. No checks and balances over such a serious government department. Kolbe Foundation may have a private contract but the government is still responsible.

The media needs to ask more serious questions and they need to confront the Minister and his CEO over their slackness.

We need to also say this. The inmates are locked away from society as punishment by the law for committing various offences many of them are bad, indiscipline persons. None of them are animals. The widespread, arbitrary and inhumane punishments inflicted on these wretched human beings at the administrative segregation building is a clear violation of the United Nations charter on prisoners, the Mandela Rules and the Fundamentals Rights of Belize constitution. It is outright cruel, and inhumane and unusual punishment.

The people of Belize will be shocked by what is being done, “adseg” is a place not fit for dogs.


On the 21st of September a drug plane landed in Northern Belize on the old highway near Santa Martha Village. The police detained four farmworkers, the farm owner and a Mennonite.

The farmworkers were released, the farm owner was detained for an incredible FIVE days, and the Mennonite for THREE days in blatant violation of the law.

But worse, the Mennonite was disappeared on his third day of lock up. He went missing from the Orange Walk Police station from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm.

He told his family and his attorney that he was sneaked out of the station through a back exit and taken to Corozal Police station where he was threatened, beaten and tortured with an electrical device.

Upon release he told his family and the Mennonite community of his ordeal. He was taken to doctor and has a medical report. His lawyer got a Justice of the Peace to sign on a detailed written report and photographs.

It is a most disturbing responsible episode in the ongoing unlawful behavior of the police department which cuddles and condones abuse against citizens.

We pray to Almighty God to help the voters of Belize to remove this government from office. We do so in the hopes we will get better country including a police department which fully respects the rights of citizens and scrupulously functions within the law.

An independent inquiry must be held into what happened and how it came about that a Mennonite is smuggled from Orange Walk police station and tortured in Corozal police station.

What is our country coming to?

We are informed documentation has been forwarded to the U.S.A Embassy in Belmopan, to Human Rights Watch in America, and Amnesty International.


Because of space constraints, we will just scribble this at this time. How do police officers visit a home in San Victor Village to check on uncustomed good, and end up badly beating everyone, including parents, daughter-in-law, and sons, shooting one son in the belly and another in the back?

The family say they asked to be shown a search warrant and that pissed off the brutal officers.

The police say the family was trying to disarm them and keep them hostages. They called in back-up officers.

The commissioner told the media the family is lucky to be alive. This incident requires independent investigation, but none will take place. The Minister, the CEO and even the Prime Minister couldn’t give a darn about these matters.

We wish to call out the Human Rights Commission of Belize, if such a group still exists, you guys are the next biggest disappointment since Dean Barrow exposed himself as the worst and past worthless Prime Minister.

Four government Ministers turned up at the government house on Regent Street for inauguration ceremonies after ten years of holding millions of Taiwan-donated dollars to renovate the old government house, a private wooden house belonging to Mr. Greenwood, and other wasteful ‘tourist’ sites that no tourist will come to Belize to see.

Four Ministers, including Faber, Boots, Tracy Panton and Heredia “the covid plane man” from San Pedro.

All desperate for publicity- Taiwan money.


Johnny, Cordell and the BLU team has scored big with the Belizeans with their public commitment to seriously tackle poverty in Belize.

Under disgraced Prime Minister Barrow wannabe Faber and their Ali Babba gang, poverty has skyrocketed to more than fifty percent of the population. Totally unacceptable.

Johnny has publicity committed to bringing the sorry statistic down to half. Most commendable, most commendable…

This commitment alone is sufficient reason to vote in a new government.

We must also commend the dynamic BLU team for its progressive programs and policy initiative. Education for all young people, quality healthcare for all, fighting crime and the root causes of crime, making women issues a top priority, making Belizeans safer and more prosperous, development zones for griga, Toledo and southside Belize City. …and National Health Insurance for all needy citizens.

Who would ever believe the UDP refused to improve or expand the NHI for needy Belizeans? They even cut back on the medication’s assistance.

Them wah lose bad.