Johnny Briceño is at the crossroads of history.

On the night of 11th November, 2020 the people of Belize will give him the majority seats to become the government of the nation. This is an awesome responsibility.

In February 2008, the electorate gave Dean Barrow the mandate to improve the management of our country. Barrow promised Belizeans we would have transparency, integrity and accountability in how government does all its business. He even said he had a “panya” machete, sharpened on both sides to chop off the head of corruption whenever corruption reared its ugly head.

When he was made Prime Minister, he quickly threw away the machete and suddenly started talking out of the other side of his mouth; “…there is corruption in my government, there will always be corruption in my government.” Not a word that he will deal with it. Or he will put in place rigid measures to tackle corruption.

Instead the opposite took place. Corruption grew and flourished under Barrow. It is now widespread and stinks to high heaven. It has reached the stage where even Barrow is suspect. His detractors say he too is corrupt. The allegation, with some evidence is that he has enriched himself and his family members from taxpayer’s monies. He hopes to quietly leave on the 12th November and enjoy his riches in a mansion in Miami.

Johnny Briceno is a humble person. He is an unassuming original Orange Walkeño. He will be the first Prime Minister to be elected from outside the biggest population center of Belize City. He comes from a family of politicians and public servants. His dad was hugely popular and was an electoral success as an area Representative and a Minister of government. His uncle, Polo was a leader in local government and area Representative himself.

Johnny himself is no neophyte. Elected in 1998, he became Deputy Prime Minister of our country. When he had serious policy differences with his own government, he did the brave and unusual thing. He resigned.

Have you ever compared Barrow or Faber? Did Barrow ever resign from the cold-hearted Esquivel government? Even when Esquivel retrenched (fired) eight hundred public officers in a single day? No. Did Barrow resign when Esquivel sprayed thousands of acres of agriculture lands with poisonous paraquat? No.

Did Faber ever disagree or resign from Dean Barrow’s corruption infested government? No. Did Faber resign when Barrow, his Sista B and son, fake Jew Shine, and other ministers voted for the corrupt money taking tranchie Saldivar was made party leader? No. Of course not.

In any event, Barrow, Faber, Saldivar and their gang are done. They will be thrown in the dirt box of our political history come 11th November. Everybody knows that.

And let’s add this in. The electorate are impressed with the dynamic team which Johnny and Cordel have put together from experienced leaders like Rodwell, Mike, Julius, Florencio, Francis and Dolores to an impressive new and diverse crew of talented new leaders, Chebat, Henry Charles, Mahler, Oscar, Gilroy, and Monchi.

To them will be entrusted the leadership of our nation. To Johnny will fall the heavy task of restoring faith in a government elected to serve ALL the people of Belize. Johnny is willing, able, and capable of doing that.

And more.

There will be a new, effective Public Accounts Committee, a serious Integrity Commission, but equally important, free education for our young people, a housing policy for those in need, land availability, job creation, an effective health care system, reduction in our cost of living. Every type of policy that respects the rights of all our people, zero tolerance for police brutality and abuse, and zero tolerance for ministerial abuse and irregularity.

If we get there, and with God’s help we will, it will be one thousand percent more than what we have gotten under Barrow, Faber and their gang of con-artists.

We sincerely believe that these changes are what Johnny is all about. Belize and its wonderful, long suffering people deserve no less.


We are impressed with Anthony Mahler and are sure he will be an effective area representative and Minister of government. Residents of Pickstock will get a dynamic person who will ensure that they are a full partner in the changes the BLU will bring.

Anthony and his wife are two wonderful human beings. Both are successful professional persons. They care about the people of Belize and of Pickstock and want every family to feel involved in the health, education and social betterment that we all deserve.

We cannot understand how the outgoing government could push a washed-up, burnt-out, no good politician who abandoned the Port Loyola people to jump into Pickstock. An insult to the voters and a major disrespect to decent citizens who deserve to have a quality area representative.

Anthony is by far the better man.


Another quality candidate on the BLU team. Michel is solid and just what Cayo needs as the country pushes away from corruption and incompetence towards a government which helps the people to improve their lives. All indications are that Chebat will win easily in his constituency.

What we like about Michel is that he is bubbling with ideas to get his area and its residents to benefit from economic activities and social development.


Every election the UDP send some false prophet or con-artist to Freetown. Singh, Peyrefitte, Carla Barnett and even Lee Mark Chang (who is now over at Caribbean Shores without a single idea of what to do for the residents).

The people of Freetown has been voting for Francis every time he asks for their support. They know he is a sincere and genuine person who is for real.

His opponent has nothing to offer. A bag of talk and nastiness on social media. He has no principles nor morals. While taking a salary from a government office, this young man was frequently on the UDP media attacking people. This violates the public service law that public officers must not engage in party politics.

Francis is an experienced and qualified person. One of the very best Ministers of Education and a source of knowledge and wisdom.

Freetown knows that with Francis in government, they will get all the things they so rightly deserve.


Henry is BLU blood. The DNA of the great George Price runs in his blood. His dad is the mighty Said Musa, who built ten thousand homes for Belizeans, one thousand new classrooms, introduced National Health Insurance and created eight thousand jobs.

But most of all Henry Charles is also the son of an unsung heroine, a warrior of the party and the people of Belize. A quiet, self-effacing but awesome mother who raised Henry Charles to follow his destiny.

In a sense, it’s almost unfair that Henry Charles has no competition in Fort George.

He has helped mastermind the new PUP to where it now stands on the eve of a great general election victory. When the PUP wins, the people of Belize wins.

Todos ganamos.


We save one of the best for last. Dolores is a huge asset for the new government. She has been there and done that.

Highly qualified and, highly experienced, Dol is going to bring the women, children and family and social services to new levels in Belize. Her presence in Cabinet is reassuring.

Dolores will mow down the do-nothing Saldivar and Gapi Vega puppet who abandoned Ladyville, Hattieville, Lords Bank, Mahogany Heights and Mile 8.

Respect Dolores, every time.