UDP Sanctioning Plane Landings



Contact: Secretary-General Linsford Castillo

PUP Secretariat – #677-9168

October 13, 2020

Two UDP Ministers, Erwin Contreras and Elodio Aragon, Jr., along with Police Officers in plainclothes, were on hand at the Phillip Goldson International Airport on Friday 9th October to facilitate the clearance of the passengers and its cargo on a plane (VJT929) arriving from England.

The pictures have gone viral, showing both Contreras and Aragon at the PGIA, in the company of a Chinese national, as numerous unopened boxes were loaded onto a truck.

Credible sources have indicated that all standard protocols at Immigration, Customs, as well as the new COVID-19 protocols at the PGIA were bypassed, as the two UDP Ministers provided personal escort to passengers.

The People’s United Party calls on the Prime Minister, who is the Minister with responsibility for Customs and Beverly Williams, Minister responsible for Immigration, to explain why protocols were breached at the PGIA to allow for the entry of the ten member delegation and cargo. Why were these persons exempted from the quarantine measures? What was in the boxes and was customs duties collected?

The PUP has learnt that these special visitors were escorted by the Ministers, in their official vehicles, to the Radisson, and on Saturday they reportedly went to a casino operation in Placencia in the company of Contreras and Aragon. The PUP recalls with concern that the first major spread in San Pedro started when protocols were bypassed.

And while planes are landing at the PGIA with Ministerial facilitation, Belizeans are wondering if the same is not the case for the narco-planes landing around the country. By unofficial count, at least two dozen planes carrying drugs have landed in the country since 2018, the latest just days ago. Incredibly, narco-traffickers had the time to dismantle and bury the plane six feet underground, long before Police even showed up at the scene. It seems that despite intelligence being provided by our counterparts, our law enforcement officers always show up long after the cargo is gone, and the few arrests made never seem to stick.

Under the UDP, Belize is on the verge of becoming a narco-state; a lawless nation where political favours can be bought for less than 30 pieces of silver and corruption is the order of the day. It is time for the return of law and order, good-governance and a new government of the People’s United Party that will respect the rule of law and serve the people.

Aragon’s Tranches?

Belize has seen the pictures of Caretaker Ministers Contreras and Aragon waiting at the PGIA in areas that were reportedly off-limits to family and friends of those arriving or departing. Nevertheless in an interview on the subject, Aragon confessed to have been waiting in this restricted area for two hours. Many RED flags suddenly fluttered and gave rise to the questions, ‘Who is that important to Aragon?’, also, ‘What were these “investors” bringing for him?’

Aragon spelled that anyone can take his picture as he has nothing to hide(except in the boxes). Too bad brain scans are not technology of today. He stammered to the nation that he had been offered some masks. But then he slipped into Saldivar-like echoes and said the people need as much help as possible.  Are these Aragon/Contreras tranches?

The mystery persists… Aragon is in a catch up race with Kevin Bernard for Orange Walk East. He nonetheless he had some 5 hours to spare with some unknown(to us), special people.

What was Contreras doing there? Aragon says that is for Contreras to explain.

Of note: After the Aragon drive to the airport, the 2 hours wait and chat with Erwin and CIB officers, all coincidentally there according to Aragon, he took the newly arrived men to the Radisson. Official escort for these Asians from Private Jets.

Orange Walk East voters are trying to recall when they have been VIPs for Aragon.

Read the PUP Release on UDP Sanctioning Plane Landing.