UDP’s Firesale Begins with City Firestation


Vintage UDP and the NEMO’s Minister Edmond Castro collectively took 8 years to consummate a secret deal that resulted in leaving Belize City without a firestation. The UDP in a release hails this as a success. How can this be? The city has no other venue to headquarter the Fire Department. That is the UDP’s early Christmas gift to the city residents. Castro and the UDP were not satisfied with leaving Belize without a transport system. They had to hire an unqualified fire chief to then leave him without headquarters. Must be all that Carbon Monoxide inhalation.

Vintage UDP, they found sanctuary in a Bank that would allow the UDP a Miller/Bradley deal—UDP deals done on the eve of getting kicked out of office. This is only the tip of the UDP’s cold heartless 13 year rape of Belize’s resources and assets. Below is a non-exhaustive list of scandalous policy and habit which the UDP were so guilty of these past 13 years. Let us just list as giving details now is an entire history book of UDP infamy:

  • Allowing American retirees to be duped with several UDP’s from the top benefitting
  • Land Compensations to Vegas, Pitts, and others that will have to be unearthed during audits of the Lands Department. First the PUP will wait for it to cool down cause it is scorching hot.
  • Roads done on the Cheap; For example, the Coastal road is only built for 60 mile per hour traffic. Check their specifications on their project introduction…it is called Low Design Speed.
  • Kickbacks here and there… We cannot wait for the audits.
  • Last Minute contracts to Contractor General, Election and Boundaries Chair and others.
  • Multi Year rental Agreements: Barrow and William’s renting to Ministry of National Security, Keystone to International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize(IMMARBE structured under the Ministry of Finance)
  • Brad’s Boledo for 20 years of windfall… this will be fixed to the benefit of Belize

Elections are here. The PUP will find out the details of these secret deal and many many others. This may be what Faber meant. He, Faber, seems to like the deals since he is not exposing it. Faber is a real UDP—part and parcel of this firesale.