Unelected Denny Offering Pantry and Land


De’mars labeled vehicles can be seen going all around Orange Walk Central. Before Belize City got shafted by UDP’s Miller to the tune of hundreds of thousands, Orange Walk had Denny Grijalva. The last UDP OW town council signed an indecent agreement with Grijalva that would make Miller and Montero applaud. The Imer-style shaft was ready to hurt the people of Orange Walk Town as soon as Kevin Bernard took over the council.

The man that now claims to care for Orange Walk Town and who is hoping Guatemala succeeds at the ICJ took the OW Town to court. Denny being a part of the corrupt UDP wanted to make good on his over-bloated contract. Guess who was his lawyer,…yes it was Darrell Bradley, who later went in to create his own last-minute contract monster.

So when Denny and his company is seen scrapping streets it is the forced overpriced payment he has squeezed out of the people of Orange Walk Town.

When Denny and his underpaid workers offer you pantry from the government it is CORRUPTION at work. Denny is NOT elected yet he has his paws in government(our) money and offering some 15 dollar bags hoping to get  OW Central votes. Take your money and ask Denny why he voted YES to the ICJ. His Guatemalan blood doesn’t know what it is to be Belizean.

He has never changed that…he said so himself.

Just as he was shafting the OW residents, Denny, with the backing of the UDP, was caught, charged and fined for destroying the remains of a Mayan temple, Noh Mul. Grijalva could not care less. He saw a mound of earth gathered by our ancestors 1000plus years ago and decided it was easier to gather than to legally mine white marl in actual karst hills.

In their 2018 November Central OW convention, Denny scrapped up some 900 votes of paid voters. Denny capitalized well on the need of voters. That number is short by a couple thousand needed for him to even contest against the PUP party leader in Orange Walk Central.

John Briceño is known in Orange Walk for his charisma and for teaching people to fish. When in Government John Briceño will look out for his people in OW Central as in the entire Belize. John Briceño is capable of that and more.

Getting a bit specific, planBelize has set out a plan to give out 60,000 house lots in Belize. Be sure that OW central first-time lot owners will get their fair share.

When Denny asks you for hundreds of dollars to survey a lot you should question the corruption in such a deal. How can Denny front for the government? Hugo Patt’s corrupt tentacles are all the way in Orange Walk.  Patrick Faber’s petty politics does not have a reign anywhere in Belize. A vote for Denny will be a vote for love of Guatemala, corrupt pantry deliveries, corrupt land hustling, fleecing of Orange Walk Town.

Orange Walk Town needs the tandem of Kevin Bernard and John Briceño. Belize needs them both as well.