Monday, October 5, 2020

For Immediate Release

The United Women’s Group (UWG) condemns, in the strongest possible terms, yet,
another allegation of domestic abuse against a man who aspires to be a leader in our
country. This is not the first time for such occurrences and unfortunately, it may not
be the last. Domestic abuse must never be tolerated under any circumstance. ALL
women and ALL men MUST hold those who would be our leaders and policy-makers
in government to a much higher standard.
We note that the young woman who made the report against the Prime Minister’s
son, Shyne Barrow, attempted to withdraw her accusation. Sadly, we have seen
many such cases where chronic sufferers of the vilest domestic cruelty are
intimidated into recanting their statements. Sadly, also, we have seen many
instances where women are eventually killed by the very same individuals who
abused them.
We call on the Belize Police Department to act swiftly to detain this individual and to
charge him under the Domestic Violence Act, as should have been done to UDP
Leader-elect Patrick Faber when a similar accusation was levied against him. We
cannot continue to speak about Zero Tolerance while being selective about those
who face punishment for these abuses, while others with connections can do so with
The PUP calls on Shyne Barrow to announce that he will not stand in the General
Elections. If he does not do so, we call on Patrick Faber to ensure that he will not
lead a ticket with a known woman beater. This is Faber’s first decision as UDP
Leader. Belizeans are watching.