Voice of the Common Man

Hilly Bennett


by Hilly Bennett

Time and again the need arises for a government to be reminded that its purpose is to serve the people, not to rule them

National Deputy Leader, the Honourable Cordel Hyde in his welcome remarks at the launch of the #Plan Belize Manifesto encapsulated the importance embedded in the document and a PUP vision that will lift Belizeans up from the dark ages, experienced over the last 13 years under an abusive, corrupt, dictatorial UDP administration, and propel them into an enlightened era of prosperity.

The manifesto of the future People’s United Party government views development beyond economics and includes the development of people as an important component to the Jewel’s future. Economic experts have proffered that policies and practices of countries that are inclusive of the developing of its people, are not only ethically desirable but also make sound economic sense.

Very pronounced in the National Deputy Leader’s statement is that the PUP manifesto is not solely about building bridges but includes building people. Hyde’s scathing remark directed at the United Democratic Party included that whilst the unfortunate masses are forced to sleeping on wet floors many have crocodiles for neighbours. By contrast, the red regime insists on the construction of meaningless infrastructure like roundabouts and roads that leads to nowhere. The UDP is concentrating its energies to contesting the General Election on November 11th in a failing attempt to once again control the high stool of power.

The PUP with its manifesto goals and objectives is creating a new socio-political order. This is characterised by political stability, democracy, good governance, and a bouncing back to true development of the country. Such direction would eliminate corruption, minimise political graft and bring an end to nepotism and cronyism. Hope, killed by the destructive UDP regime, would be surely resurrected.

Consequently, the guardrails will be replaced to ensure that the check and balance institutions are given autonomy enabling accountability and transparency.

Cordel commented that the PUP manifesto is a bold comprehensive plan that insists on what is best for the people and what is best for Belize and not the wants of the leaders. He alluded that the rebuilding of this tiny sovereign nation would be a task for giants utilising the words of the Father of the Nation, George Cadle Price.

The National Deputy Leader insisted that this bold initiative is “not promises; its challenges. It’s not what we will do. It’s what we have to do! We have the talent. We have the courage. We have the smarts. We have the Human Resources. We have the dreams. We have the right people at the right time to do the right job.

Notwithstanding, the document is revolutionary in spots, and daring. It is not an impossible task. He went on to say that “some will say it’s impossible…Watch how we make the impossible possible.

His message: when the PUP wins everybody fi win. Hasta a la Victoria !