We Ready!!


The mighty People’s United Party is gradually and deliberately building up to the crescendo of a crystal clear victory at the people’s poll of polls on November 11, 2020. Born and bred leader John Briceño is poised with a cadre of 31 talents who will gently usher Belize away from the 13 years of UDP torture. Today, Belize is in dire need of talented, genuine, fearless, honest, confident, and engaging leadership, ALL needed to combat the coronavirus’ biblical level challenge. As the PUP moves into the General Elections with planBelize in hand and with the Belizean people at heart there is a load of HOPE in the fact that the sought leadership is embodied in PUP 2020.

Across the nation, the feeling of countdown is more and more torturous by the second. The democracy in our veins calms us to wait. Then we put on the radio or swipe over our walls and we hear the ‘Johnny is the Answer’ and ‘Mr. Program’s’ rendition of Everybody fih Win. There is a definite ‘cold seed’ that surges over the body and grips our very being. ‘With BLU all ah we fih win’… this song just closes the deal. The UDP has GOT to GO.

Music is in the heart and the PUP has arrived there to friend the souls of Belize. The beats of the PUP from 1998 and then are gone now. That PUP era is gone. Anyone that still doesn’t believe needs to come on board and listen to the aura of this new music, read and discuss the PUP’s plan, experience all our 31 leaders and vote for a new beginning for Belize.

Vote for a better life for you and your children!

Vote for Belize and the PUP where everybody fih win!