Wise Up


By Gilroy Usher, Sr.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” –Bob Marley

Willoughby was once removed as Councilor with responsibility for sanitation after repeated complaints to the Mayor from the individual with the Sanitation contract that he had become tired of being constantly forced to grant the Councilor a special request for input to his check ready.

Fully aware of his dubious activities to access money in any way possible, the UDP viewed Willoughby as totally unfit to be its standard bearer for the Albert Division. They subsequently removed him as a candidate for that area easily by making him a monetary offer that he readily accepted. In the words of his UDP colleague Dean Samuels, by accepting the offer to suddenly end his candidacy to be his party’s standard bearer for the Albert Division after campaigning in the area for two years, Willoughby showed that he has no commitment to betterment for people.

Willoughby was later eager to become his party’s Mayoral candidate for the 2018 municipal election in Belize City. However, aware of his shadiness in doing things for his financial gain, the party selected a less controversial person as its candidate.

In the UDP convention in 2018 to select a standard bearer for Port Loyola Division, Faber was the general on the ground, who put everything on the line to ensure that Willoughby was victorious in the event.

Faber only supported Willoughby for that convention to help prevent Peyrefitte from becoming the UDP standard bearer for the area as that would have allowed Peyrefitte to challenge him and Saldivar for leadership of the party with majority support of the party’s standard bearers and Ministers.

If Faber thought Willoughby would reciprocate his support in his time of need, he was mistaken. Although Faber had supported his political campaign in every possible way, Willoughby turned around and supported Saldivar for UDP leadership. Worthless. The man just has no loyalty to anyone. Everything is centered on his personal gain.

To help contain the spread of the coronavirus, the government ordered a two weeks countrywide lockdown and thought of implementing a plan to offer financial relief to persons, who lost their jobs as a direct result of the pandemic. It eventually agreed to the call of the Opposition and concerned citizens like myself, that since those who were unemployed before Covid-19 would also be severely affected by the lockdown due to last of their ability to go out and find jobs to care for their families, they should be assisted with $100.00 every two weeks for hardship caused by the pandemic.

Unfortunately like Singh, Willoughby strongly believed that persons, who were unemployed before the pandemic including hundreds of single mothers should not receive any government funds for hardship caused by the coronavirus. He made that point clear in an interview with on 7 News Belize in April 20

Today, because poor people can’t get a piece of land, up to four homes are being built in a single-family yard and scores of Belizeans are squatting in swamps to avoid unmanageably costly house rent. That however is of no concern to Willoughby. Championing the cause for house lots for ordinary Belizeans is a non-issue for him.

In a call to Love FM morning show in April this year the self-serving individual made it perfectly clear that government needs its money to pay bills and not to acquire land for the people. In relation to government making land available for the people Willoughby said, “It won’t happen.” Presently scores of persons in Port Loyola are very angry with Willoughby. That’s because in robbing Peter to pay Paul he used his connection with the government to strong people land in which they have invested heavily with time and money and give those lots to a handful of UDP supporters.

Finally, although Willoughby has been the ruling party’s standard bearer for the past two years, he has not assisted anyone with jobs, proper housing, and greater access to education or legitimate lots, among other basic things. All he does is make promises to area residents that he never fulfills.

Now that election is less than two weeks away Willoughby and the UDP suddenly remember the residents of Port Loyola and are engaged in the distribution of sand, beaverboard, zinc, and other election gimmicks to try and trick the people into voting for them on election day November 11.

For thirteen long years, Willoughby and the ruling UDP have repeatedly proven that they are unconscionable, greedy, and all about betterment for themselves, while ordinary Belizeans continue to suffer in worsening poverty.

Belizeans need to wise up to the strategy that these people have used to keep them poor and dependent on them. Don’t fall for the trap. Take whatever they are offering you, overnight, with our own money (government funds), before the election, and vote them out of office for a better future with PUP.

Reject Willoughby and the UDP!