’31 Standard Bearers Do Appeal to their Constituents’


Elections are next…

Excerpts from Social Media Posts

John Briceño, Orange Walk Central

I can feel the energy of my people! I am more than ready to lead us into prosperity! On November 11th, 2020 Vote for the People’s United Party for a brighter tomorrow for you and your families!

There is no Vote in our post-independence history that is more consequential than the vote which the Belizean people will exercise in 2020! Our opponents’ 13 years and three-term dismal record leave us with absolutely no doubt what kind of future Belize will have without a change on November 11th. We are here to offer a fresh hope and to assure every Belizean that our party is ready to govern! Examine our Manifesto and consider how it will make your life better and when you do so we feel very confident that you will support the Peoples United Party. I Urge every Belizean voter to safely exercise your sacred right to Vote for our PUP candidates on November 11th! Thank you! God Bless you! God bless our Party! And GOD BLESS BELIZE!

Cordel Hyde, Lake Independence

Our General…the people’s champion 🏆.. be all-inclusive if you want to win. Let your people be of utmost importance and not your ego!! From Corozal to Toledo from Belize to Cayo, VOTE Team 31. We are ready!!! One love always! The Lake neva stray…Cordel all the way!!!!///

Manifesto Speech excerpt: It has to start with us as a people. Change comes when small groups of people in the community work together to change their attitudes and perceptions of themselves and when that happens that change will spread out like a mighty river to the other parts of the community and country. Incredibly, this document will ensure that people in all the little crevices all over this country will be given back their respect, their dignity, the control of their lives and the lives of their families. The economy should be transformative and democratic and based on dignity; it cannot be about maintaining the status quo…

It’s the ecology of the caring community…But first we must rewire ourselves. We need to teach our young about cooperatives and collective ownership. We have to be one for all, and all for one. We have to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. I’m excited about this our 2020 Plan for Belize!

Henry Usher, Fort George

November 11th! Henry Charles Usher for Fort George!

Henry Charles reminds everyone the importance of sanitizing and wearing your mask. He has been, and continues to distribute hand sanitizers and masks to all the residents of Fort George.

We will beat this pandemic together!

Sanitize yuh hands, wear yuh mask and BLAZE YUH FIRE!

Fort George going #Blu!

Vote Henry Charles Usher for Fort George!

Vote PUP!

Andre Perez, Belize Rural South

The March to victory…! BELIZE RURAL SOUTH IS BLUE 🔵 #TogetherwithAndre

— in San Pedro, Belize

When Caye Caulker’s very own council endorses yours truly. I’m honored and ready to work with people of Caye Caulker because they deserve better.

Ahead of nomination day, members of our community are expressing now more than ever why CHANGE is important and that #TogetherwithAndre our islands can begin to move forward.

Mr. Trevor Del Valle sat down with us recently to let us know his thoughts on the qualities of a man that makes a true leader, and how he believes that Andre Perez is the right Choice.

On Election day November 11th, VOTE For Andre. Vote for your community. Vote because #wedeservebetter

Oscar Arnold, Collet

It’s official here guys I’m so excited I can’t sleep. Support us by wearing your BLU and white today(and every day) raising them flags high and when you come out to support us.

It’s the beginning or should I say another step of our beautiful journey.

PUP ALL THE WAY #planBelize #TeamPolo #collet2020 #oscararnoldforcollet #everybodyfiwin

EVERYBODY FI WIN ON NOVEMBER 11TH VOTE OSCAR ARNOLD VOTE PUP…. Everybody in Collet should be able to own a decent home. COLLET DAH FI WE TIME!//





Jose Mai, Orange Walk South

The country is eager for change because they have been neglected for 13 years by this corrupt UDP government. The UDP has failed them & it’s time to vote for a change.

They have set their trust on the People’s United Party because the PUP is their only hope only the leadership of John Briceño.

We finally completed our House to House Campaign! Exhausted but satisfied…

Am thankful to God for my health and the health of our avid campaigners and I pray that God heals the ill and afflicted and bless the hearts of the families who are hurting.

Que viva el Partido Unido del Pueblo! En estas Elecciones Generales votemos PUP. 💙La Esperanza de un Futuro Mejor

May God bless our bountiful Natural Resources and protect our people from this Pandemic and from any other Natural Disasters!!!

Spent a wonderful day in OWS!! Love the feeling. Indeed it is clear that the frustration level is at the maximum! Con Jose Abelardo Mai estamos en buenas manos.

Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, Cayo West


Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, creating waves.

Cuando una persona tiene una visión y las ganas de hacer cosas, la diferencia es clara. No necesitas dos décadas. Si haces una recopilación de logros que el actual representante ha hecho durante los 20 años pasados, seguro que nos sale debiendo. La verdad es que el área del Cayo Oeste se ha estancado por más de dos décadas, pero más aún después del 2008. No hay escusa porque la asignación como ministro era/es el ministerio de desarrollo económico. Este representante le quedo grande el puesto o simplemente no entendió el significado de la oportunidad que se le presento para que trajera desarrollo para su gente y por el área que representa. El municipio del Benque y por ende las comunidades circunvecinas deberían ser unos de los más desarrollados y económicamente hablando uno de los más vibrantes del país. Las comunidades fronterizas son los que obtienen más crecimiento y desarrollo económico en comparación con los otros municipios. Pero no fue y no es así para nuestras comunidades. Sin embargo, en nuestras comunidades no hay actividad económica y la situación es áspera. Es una vergüenza y con qué cara viene a postularse para representante de nuevo. Con que cara viene a tratar de convencer a los ciudadanos de esta área si no tiene voz en la asamblea, ya no vive aquí, y por consiguiente ha perdido la conexión con la gente quienes lo pusieron ahí donde se encuentra ahora. Evaluando lo que ha hecho en dos décadas es tan poco que da flojera de mencionar. De igual forma como lo pusimos ahí, lo vamos a destituir. Ya que se escondió, pues que se quede en su escondite.


#milinespatforcayowest #planBelize #ConMilinTodosGanamos

Landy Habet, Cayo Southeast

Going all the way! Landy is the man with the plan! BLU is the Answer! Todos Ganamos!The PUP and its members have always put people’s interests first. With the same ideals, and in the same fashion that we achieved Independence, in November when we form the new government, we will take up the challenge to rebuild Belize.

All Belizeans will enjoy quality education, quality healthcare and the bounty of this land. #planBelize #planificarBelize #TodosGanamosConLandy #WeAllWinWithLandy//

A piece of land is a critical part of economic empowerment. Economic empowerment allows for greater social cohesion. The Land In Your Hand Policy aims to assist Belizeans break away from the vicious cycle of poverty.

The People’s United Party is pledging to simplify the process of applying for and receiving land titles, promote sustainable land management through a National Urban Garden Program, assist first time land owners with capacity building efforts for large scale farming and housing, and digitize the Lands department to ensure efficient use of services, especially the services Belizeans have paid for. By depoliticizing access to this resource, together, we will make our communities more just and fair. When everyone gets a piece of land, we all move forward. #TodosGanamosConLandy #WeAllWinWithLandy #VoteBLU #planBelize

Francis Fonseca, Freetown

Freetown is ready to delivered Francis…With Francis the works continues….


On the International Day of Climate Action, some members of our Freetown youth group took action by planting more than 10 trees at 2 different parks in Belama. The types of trees that were planted include coconut, mango, orange, avocado, and moringa. It is our hope that the residents in the area will be able to make great use of these trees and with the fruits that they bear.//

We walk this road together. We keep toiling. With God in our hearts and family on our side, we are resolved.

We are not a constituency. We are a family. We are not a vote, we are making a stand. Our vote is targeted…

Francis is a leader we can be proud of. A gentleman, kind hearted, steady, hardworking and genuine. He is a reflection of who we are in Freetown. Freetown is home. Francis is family.

TheWorkContinues   |   #freetownwithfrancis2020   |   #WeRememberYouAlways

Anthony Mahler, Pickstock

“My vision for Pickstock is for it to be a thriving division where our people can participate in their own development and have meaningful input in the decisions that affect their lives.”

David ‘Dido’ Vega, Corozal Bay

David “Dido” Vega, ready and determined to begin the ground work of uplifting Corozal Bay.

Born, raised and still living in the Corozal District, Dido is the clear and right choice to represent us and be the voice of all Corozaleños in the House of Representatives!///

New Hope! New Vision! I’m fully into politics. 🕵🏻‍♂️ Politics gives me goosebumps, fulls my body with adrenaline and excitement! Every time, I go through town and see our blue and white flag waving. 💙

It makes me go crazy and proud, to see how far we’ve reached and haven’t given up! The days are getting closer, be wise and make your decisions cast your vote and make a change!

I’m fully supporting Mr. David Dido Vega Why?

He is an eloquent, respectable, honorable, trustworthy, brilliant, innovative and outgoing person. All the qualities, we need our area representative, to have. In order to see improvement and development in our town!

Now the most important part is YOU yes YOU. The youth the future generations of Belize.

You have everything in your hands make the change. 💚 Vote BLUE 💙✌🏼

Just a fact about my family! ✨🔥

Candice Pitts, Mesopotamia

In the month of November, which highlights the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, our candidate implores all of us to do what we can, and in all our capacities, to put an end to domestic violence.//

We invest in food, not campaign paraphernalia.///

In its policy on Housing, the PUP has committed to build 10,000 low income houses during its first 5 years in office.

In addition to the other 30 constituencies, Mesopotamia will receive, at the minimum, 300 of those houses!

Our team, with the strong and competent leadership of Dr Candice Pitts, will ensure the residents of Mesopotamia receive what they deserve and that Mesopotamia wins this time!

Candice Pitts continues to serve!

#TheWorkContinues #candicepitts #mesopotamiaschoice2020The Choice is Clear! On Election Day, Vote Candice Pitts!

Paul Thompson, Albert

We recently visited several business establishments all amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Belize City together with Mayor Bernard Wagner.  More recently, we did the same with Party Leader John Briceño. We had the opportunity to converse with our local entrepreneurs during the walk- through, which provided the perfect opportunity to gain insight from the local business community on how to further the improvements of the city.

As leaders, we continue to exercise new ways to get our residents involved in the discussion on how to build a better Belize City for everyone.

Allan Pollard, Queen’s Square

We are ready to WIN! Its been love and good vibes on the streets of Queen Square. The people are ready for change!

The time is now Belize, together we CAN! On November 11th Vote Allan Pollard for Queen Square.

Note: Belize has a host of talented musicians. I must thank the guys who helped bringing this track to life for this campaign; Dj Perf, KingRome & Stig. Clothing Drive this Saturday at my office 90 Euphrates Avenue. Everything FREE! Light refreshments will also be available.

#planBelize #TheTimeisNow “Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

Community Development and Safety is undoubtedly a top priority when given the opportunity to lead and represent the people of Queen Square.

With me as your new and youthful leader, together we will make Queen Square a safe and developed place to raise our children!

#AllanPollardForQueenSquare #planBelize #BLUisComing

Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

Thank you once again to Mayor Wagner and the Belize City Council for the rehabilitation and paving of Manatee Drive in the Buttonwood Bay Area of Belize City.  We are most grateful for your continued hard work and commitment.  Always bout the People!


Michel Chebat, Cayo North 

To all my friends and family, I can humbly say that thanks to all of you, my son Micho Chebat has been officially nominated to run for Cayo North. As you all know Micho was born and raised here in Cayo. From a young boy I have watched Micho strive and work hard to accomplish his goals. And I know in my heart that he has grown to be a man instilled and raised with morals and principles founded in faith, family, and fortitude. I taught all my children that God is first, and to love & respect all people. Never forget to be humble, kind and help others in need.

I can further say as an attorney he has been equipped to fight for the rights of the people, and with this same spirit, he will fight for the betterment of each and every person in Cayo North. He has demonstrated his commitment over the past 5 years and will do even more once elected. He has seen first-hand what the people of Cayo North have been deprived of for the past 12+ years and more so in these difficult times that we all face.

He has seen the dire need for a change for the betterment of not just a few but for ALL.  MICHO is ready to execute his vision and plan for the betterment of Cayo North. With that said, I am his mother and I confidently vouch for his leadership skills, ability, transparency and his capacity to take the people of Cayo North on a whole, towards a change for the betterment we deserve. A change that will bring opportunity, prosperity and end the struggle and hardship we have all been facing.

So my message is Vote Blue, show your power, show you demand better and VOTE MICHO because everybody fu win!

Mike Espat, Toledo East

The UDP will try and distract your attention by pontificating about what allegedly happened in the past before they were elected. They want you to forget all the punishment you have endured for past 13 long years. They don’t want you to discuss the issues because they know they have failed you… do you think they are interested in talking about job creation and poverty reduction?

They don’t because they can’t.  They didn’t even care to provide you with candidates with moral character. I urge you to vote for character on November 11. #VOTE #PUP2020///

So who got our foreign debt to 4 billion dollars?

Who spent 12 Billion dollars set in our 12-year budget?

Who got over 650 million dollars in oil revenues?

Who got over 700 million dollars in Petro Caribe money?

Who spent 640 million dollars from our reserves to buy BTL, BEL and BWS which has not been beneficial to the Belizean public?

Whose housing program started with trailer houses, then Nada, nada claiming that they gave 10,000 houses to the people by forgiving a few debts to their cronies?

Who squandered millions upon millions on road projects fleecing the national purse and delivering broke up roads and roundabouts?

Which government made all his ministers and area reps millionaires?

Which Prime minister promised that there was enough to feed and aid the Belizean public for years and years to come and then renege on his promise?

Which deputy prime minister had the gall to give $400,000.00 to his son as a freebie?

Which party has had convicted criminals running in their midst?

NOW YOU WILL ASK ME TO VOTE UDP? Cho man, then deh da really thief.

So Adios UDP!!! The time is here!  Make a change! Vote the UDP out! Vote BLU

Victory hour is approaching a massive BLU Victory.

Raise your FLAGS – play the music!!!! “From Czl to Toledo…”


The choice is clear. The people across this country had enough of the UDP.

Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Belize Rural Central

Come out and mark your X for the blue machine. Dolores for BRC. BELIZE RURAL Central IS BLUE

To all public servants and uniformed officers who will be working for the elections we ask you PLEASE to get your proxy forms. Please Demand your proxy form if necessary. After you have filled it out please give it to your loved one whom you trust completely. Please DO NOT allow any person other than your chosen person to take your proxy. Thanks 😊

Big thanks to the youths of BRC for your imput in the decision making of your future.

Dolores is everywhere…Gracie Rock…Hattieville….Ladyville💙💙💙

Oscar Requena, Toledo West

JMi Grandpa seh “UDP NUH WORK “

Mi Granny seh “She want her lee pension fu help she self”

Oscar Requena  has maintain his connection with the people of Toledo west. He listens and understands the struggles of our elderly. They must be taken care of. They have already done their part to contribute in the growth of our communities.

We must return the favor and take care of them.


#plan_belize #vote2020

#choose_change #vote_oscarEvery Body fi Win. Toledo West villages welcomes the PUP with love.

Oscar Requena will deliver.

Don’t be Left Behind. Join the winning team. This election, is a very important decision for all Belizeans to make. We cannot continue to have our country run by the most corrupt, incompetent and dictatorial UDP.

The PUP offers a bold and innovative plan that puts all Belizeans at the center of development. Our Plan Belize, offers bold opportunities for all, it will make life better and our people can be assured that we will be held accountable and deliver on our plans. I humbly ask you to vote for Oscar Requena.

Rest assured, I will work diligently with John Briceño as Prime Minister and a PUP government to make lives better for all Belizeans. Belizeans across Belize, please vote for a PUP candidate in your area.

I invite you, join us and let us work together for a better and brighter Belize. I thank you.

A Supporter: Oscar is man with a plan   |   Oscar is man with vision    |   Oscar is man for people   |   Oscar will make things happen

Toledo west can’t wait to vote for Oscar Requena! UDP got to GoT to Go…

Marconi Leal, Belize Rural North

On November 11, Vote for Marconi Leal! A man with vision, dedication and love for the People of BRN! Vote for the change we desperately need! Come up and Vote BLU.

Marconi Leal and the PUP Team meeting and listening to the residents of ALL his villages BIG and small… ! The work continues 💙💙💙

To GOD be the Glory
Good Day Belize Rural North

David J. Castillo, Corozal North

Hugo Patt in an act of desperation is TAKING away people’s land in Patchakan! Even though these people have property titles!

Enough is Enough! It is tie to take out this bully and all the UDP!11th NOVEMBER 2020 GENERAL ELECTIONS ARE CALLED! WE ARE READY!

VAMOS ADELANTE CON EL PUP!!! Supporter: Take the land that Patt give you because it belongs to you… But dont feel committed to him for it… REMEMBER ALL THIS TIME THAT HE HAD U ABANDONED… WE NEED JOBS JOBS JOBS.

Bajo un nuevo Gobierno PUP, el candidato DAVID CASTILLO se compremete a crear mas oportunidades  de empleo para su gente de Corozal Norte y Corozal!gobierno. Ya es tiempo para un cambio! Ya es tiempo para sacar el UDP! Ya es tiempo de votar para el PUP! #daveforcorozalnorth   #planbelize   #changeiscoming

Florencio Marin Jr., Corozal Southeast

Les pedimos que salgamos a Votar responsablemente. A estas alturas ya todos debemos saber los Protocolos de Salud para evitar la propagacion del CoronoVirus. Use su mascara, lavase y sanitize su mano constantemente y mantenga su sana distancia.

Igualmente recordemos la importancia de Salir a Votar, su VOTO otorga PODER recuerdelo, ya vimos como Corozal Sureste fue discriminado y castigado por el gobierno UDP por ser una Area PUP. Salgamos a las urnas temprano y hagamos un CAMBIO es nuestro derecho y nuestra obligacion.

El 11 de Noviembre salgamos y apoyemos al Honorable Florencio Marin Jr. el Hombre que traera prosperidad a Corozal Sureste.


Rodwell Ferguson, Stann Creek West

The authorities are afraid of this dictatorship government even up to their last days in Government, anyhow it will come to an end in 22 days. My villages, I will be with you to the end. You can register your opposition at the polls on November 11th, 2020. These people feel that they can bully their way into office. How when they become minister dog will eat our supper?

I will remain calm and focus on the big prize. The biggest political UDP defeat in history will be in Stann Creek West. The liberation of Belize from 12 years of bondage now begins. What a relief that will be.

I am going into this election with 9895 voters spread across several miles. You have to be a giant to take on such a tremendous task with limited resources. It’s fun for me to walk and meet people especially in their homes. They allow me to lie down in their hammocks and we have a conversation.

Money can’t buy love and we cannot live off promises. UDP, you are the government for more than 12 years now. You should be telling the people what you have accomplished over the years.  Do not promise what you will deliver after election when you will not be there. Hog wash! The people are no fools. They know you will not pay no school fees, they are still waiting for a proper pantry program.

Louis Zabaneh, Dangriga

So excited for the great and wonderful changes coming to Dangriga! Proud of you Dr. Zab and thank you for your ‘yes’ to lay down your time, talent and treasure in service to our beloved Belize!

May God bless and protect you and your beloved family!

Ramon ‘Monchi’ Cervantes, Orange Walk North


Your PUP candidate for Orange Walk North has been officially nominated!

¡Su candidato PUP para Orange Walk North ha sido nominado oficialmente!

#TeamMonchi2020 #VOTEBLU #NominationDay #TodosGanamos #HastaLaVictoriaSiempre TEAM MONCHI campaigning here in the beautiful Orange Walk North. The people are very excited to meet the future leader of the North, Ramon Cervantes

Monchi is ready to listen to the concerns of the norteños. He is taking notes on how to better our beautiful jewel. He is a man with a good heart and he is ready to serve the people.¡ Que viva Monchi, Que viva el PUP!

Julius Espat, Cayo South

Here in St. Margaretville. Julius Espat is losing no time whatsoever in activating his campaign mode.

We met on the ground and he said he has never deactivated his campaign mode that he has permanently been on the ground living amongst his people is normal for him.

People consider him as one of their own no matter the ethnicity, religion or language. Julius is all about Cayo South.

Alex Balona, Cayo Central

We here at Cayo Central know great Leadership and that is ALEX BALONA!!!!

We here at Cayo Central know great Leadership and that is ALEX BALONA!!!!On November 11th, 2020, Cayo Central will come home & once more declare this beautiful division as PUP Territory.

Vote Alex Balona

Let’s do this, come out and vote.



Oscar Mira, Belmopan


There is nothing like going out and seeing the people; meeting them at their homes or on street. We cannot give in to apathy and hopelessness.

We must believe that Belize can be better. We must believe that Belmopan can be a better Capital City. Everywhere we go, our residents tell us they are ready for change. Change is coming! On Nov. 11th, VOTE PUP! VOTE OSCAR MIRA FOR BELMOPAN!!!


Belmopan farmers from Maya Mopan, San Martin, Salvapan and Las Flores are very productive and hardworking. It is a shame that they have never gotten the type of support they need. They contribute to our city’s food security, generate income for many families and even employment opportunities for women. We will expand farming and farm intensification as part of our economic plan and COVID 19 recovery. Watch us do great things! On Nov. 11th, VOTE PUP! VOTE OSCAR MIRA FOR BELMOPAN!!!

But this is about protecting the lives of people. This is a better way; disciplined and dignified. We will save the celebration for our victory on Nov. 11th. NOW LET’S GET THOSE VOTES OUT ON ELECTION DAY! THE TIME FOR LIBERATION IS NEAR! VOTE PUP! VOTE OSCAR MIRA FOR BELMOPAN!!!

Thank you all for the love and the support! TO VICTORY!!! #teammira #earlymorningadvice #nominationday

 Kevin Bernard, Orange Walk East

Your vote counts! Your voice matters! You deserve to be heard! Remember to come out & cast your votes early on November 11th.

PUP Standard Bearer Kevin Bernard was officially nominated as the candidate for OW East for the PUP.  As he has always said, no one will be left behind.  The work to bring a victory for the PUP in OW East has started.

Let’s vote PUP, let’s vote Kevin for OW East.///

The people of Carmelita are getting their roads and drainage issues repaired after their plea have been falling to deaf ears of the Orange Walk East UDP Representative. An Area that has been abandoned for over the past 5 years is just a mere image of the failure of the UDP representative.

People living in swamps and bushes. With efforts from the Chairman Mr. Victor Polanco, Mayor Kevin Bernard and community members works is underway to repair some very degraded and unattended streets. The People of Orange Walk East Deserve Better.

Ramiro Ramirez, Corozal Southwest

Corozal South West is ready for the change vote P.U.P November 11, 2020

Ramiro Ramirez

We Ready to Win !!!

We Ready  to Lead !!!

Con el P.U.P Todos Ganamos

El Cambio lo Hacemos Juntos

We will deliver!

Vote P.U.P 2020

Read our plans
Go to our online PDFs to read back to 2009, the reasons why the UDP should go like Trump and why John Briceño and the PUP will bring us to a Belize that works for everyone…since everybody fi win….


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