A Derelict Faber…And UDP Government Vehicles


During the UDP administration, we saw the then Deputy Prime Minister’s vehicle dumped into the sea. We then heard Dean Barrow say that it will be replaced. That’s it!

We all seen UDP government vehicles being used roughshod during the 12 years of weekends, to Chetumal, for personal gain, to pick up sweethearts, for vacationing (ask Tracy), and for now-extinct party campaigning.

As we have said before…if it could be corrupted, the UDP found a way to corrupt anything, in government, that you could fathom. Such was their way.

We also saw how, the outgoing Social Security CEO, bought his vehicle for a song. Then the same CEO returns as Chairman. The UDP were truly innovative at corruption.

As the general elections approached, the UDP felt that they were heading to some planless win. They did not even plan to win. Faber read a prepared concession speech where he did not confess to all the corruption in the UDP government. In the best of views, any UDP concession speech sans a full confession is only a continuation of corruption. Therefore we can say that Faber gave a corrupted concession speech on the early night of November 11.

Social media showed Patrick Faber’s assigned government vehicle being transported, days after his speech. That was the first thing he should have done the Thursday morning after his mumbo-jumbo.

In the West, we hear of Montero using the Ministry of Works’ heavy equipment as his personal possession. He, like Faber, did not return anything. The people had to go to demand these from them. Now, Montero and family is known to have been at the helm of many an Imerian-type contract. Word is that they built three visitor centers for 12 million Belizean ‘haaad’ earned dollars. The crux of this UDP matter: this was all built after May 12 of this pandemic year. This was just when PM Barrow was counting the trickles of revenue and just after he lied to the healthcare workers. All this is endorsed by Faber who went on to become a perpetual leader-elect.

The UDP corruption vehicle has come to a screeching halt. Now, they will hurl rocks at the brand new PUP vehicle that has taken off to rid Belize of the residues of corruption and recession. Too bad, Faber’s unity was as fake as the profiles that continue smearing themselves. They will soon be left behind with a derelict Faber and a dead UDP.