Answered Prayers


By Isabel Guadalupe Bennett

MScN (Edu), BScN (Admin- HONS), RN

God granted me the opportunity to see with a focused lens during one year as a senator, the turmoil that our country was experiencing. My heart was always heavy with the issues of unaccountability under the UDP administration but I remained even more prayerful with each passing issue. But no matter how many successful PUP debates I would have participated in, the decision to self-love and restore Belize was totally in your hands as the citizens of this nation. Throughout the process, I was certain of one simple fact – God did not put me on a losing team because He knows my life purpose and my passion to serve my country. And for this sustained reassurance, I give God thanks.

It is with sincere gratitude too that I thank all voters for voting in this unprecedented election.

I THANK YOU for choosing yourself and your children’s future!

I THANK YOU for choosing servant leaders!

I THANK YOU too for believing in our theme – EVERYONE FI WIN!

I THANK YOU for choosing humble leaders who has a vision of prosperity and success for the Belizean people.

Deep down inside I knew my team would win and I believed wholeheartedly that we would have won by a huge majority. By how much, I was unsure. So I am deeply moved by the expression of confidence from all twenty-six standard bearers and I thank you wholeheartedly for choosing true leadership. I am immensely grateful to families, friends, and loyal supporters who so generously contributed their time and effort to campaigning throughout the country during this first ever challenging pandemic election season.

To be effective servant politicians, our ministers must continue to listen to their constituents, develop their constituency concerns into workable proposals, and definitely build consensus to implement the proposals with people who share their vision to empower their constituencies. I pray that the village, town and city councils will work across party lines at all times to improve the lives of the Belizeans.

Continue to take the time to share your ideas, your insights, your concerns, and your aspirations with our Ministers because they don’t know everything. They will be sincerely appreciative of your willingness to discuss what really matters to you and your constituency and the country.

So now that all our elected ministers are ready to serve, and you have given them the authority to make decisions and speak on your behalf, let’s keep all of them fully accountable for all their actions and inactions and to reverse all the wrongs that has been done to the people of Belize by the outgoing UDP government. They may not have been elected – except for five- but they can sit back and relax comfortably with the resources that they have all collectively misappropriated. So once again, I thank you wholeheartedly for choosing PUP as your new government for a better Belize and for a government that is accountable to the people.