Belly of the Beast


Home Invasion

At the Belize Times, we’d hate to believe the rumours that desperation has forced the dutty Edmond Castro to try to carry out a political hit on Marconi Leal. But as much as we usually try to give any of the Castros the benefit of the doubt, the truth is that these are some really worthless people. Remember that Castro’s visas were taken away because of Immigration crookedness. Remember how the man used BAA checks to pay his own personal bills. Remember how the man was hustling money from a Belizean American for a piece of land. Remember how this man tried to convince somebody he crashed into, to hustle the insurance company. This guy is scum, and for sure the rotten apples don’t fall far from the tree. His sons Wasani and Jafari are as worthless as they come. As for the outside pikni Jumoke, we think he just tries really too hard to impress daddy and be part of the nasty Castro bunch. Anyway, with all that said, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that Castro knows a lot more about the so-called home invasion at Marconi Leal’s house. And that’s all we’re gonna say about that.

Dean who?

So the UDP’s strategy as we head into elections is to trot out old Grampa Dean to endorse the candidates. We almost died laughing when we saw his endorsement of Frank Papa Mena in Dangriga. According to Gramps, Papa is a political god, one of the finest people he knows, a real bastion of integrity and a saint in his own right and all that good stuff. Good lerd. Might be the pain pills, but just the other day Grampa Dean was bashing Papa after it was revealed that he had taken $10,000 from convicted murderer William Danny Mason in exchange for arranging gun licenses for him. Everybody and their granny and grampa, including our old Grampa Dean, knows that Papa is a worthless son of a gun who has betrayed his own people in Dangriga. Nobody has forgotten how old great-uncle Melvin threatened to reveal all his knows about Papa and his scurrilous dealings. Mein seriously – this is the best strategy the UDP could come up with? Bringing back Dean? Wow! In great-grandfather Finnigan’s voice…AMAZING!

Millionaire’s Club

That thing with IE though. It’s just wrong on so many levels. First, we’d want to know why the Foreign Affairs building in Belmopan is costing $15 MILLION dollars, when experts say it should cost only about $7M. Then, of course, we’d want to know why Taiwan, finding the project, is paying that money directly to the Arguelles brothers instead of it going through the Consolidated Fund. I mean, we know it’s so the UDP could avoid the scrutiny of the House, but we really wanted to know how they got Taiwan to participate in what is clearly an illegal deal. We’d ask Daniel Arguelles, but from his interview this week he’s clearly not the brains of the outfit. According to him, the money just goes into his account and he doesn’t have a clue where it comes from. Okay buddy. And as to the Range Rover used for the project, which the UDP gave a full duty exemption for, Arguelles says he needed a safe vehicle to go home to his two kids. Hell, I have six kids. Grampa Dean that means then that I need three Range Rovers to be duty exempted so I can go home to all six of them. Fun and joke aside, this shit is sick, sick, sick. These people have been robbing the coffers dry, doing just what they wanted without worrying about the laws of the country. Please, Cousin Johnny – when you are Prime Minister please let’s send these people to jail. Thank you.

The B in Brads

So the truth has come out. The son of the Prime Minister, loan shark turned millionaire thanks to BTL, Anwar Barrow, is a principal in the Boledo industry. For those who may not realize it, over the life of the 10 year contract, this is worth $500 MILLION. That’s how much Grampa Dean loved Uncle Anwar. Yet, when gramps was asked about it, he claimed that he had no idea who are the shareholders of Brads. No clue, he said. The man is a much better LIAR than he is a LAWYER, and he is sure a totally worthless, unethical, arrogant jackass of a politician. But just a few days more. Just a few days. Guaranteed there will be contracts cancelled and people going to jail. You can take that to the bank.