Everybody Fi Win


Speech by Minister of State Gilroy Usher, Sr.

to the Directors of the Ministry of Human Development, Families, and Indigenous Affairs.

A pleasant good morning to everyone:

Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia – Minister of Human Development. Families, and Indigenous Affairs

Miss Starla Bradley – Director. Community Rehabilitation Department

Miss Ana Williams – Director, Women’s Department

Miss Lliani Arthurs – Director, Human Services Department

Nellie Ellis & Lionel Hernandez – Finance Officer I & II

Mark Antrobus – Social Planner

Miss Sylvia Usher – Human Resources and other project management

Other invited persons.

I believe that Minister Dolores Balderamos and myself, as Minister of State, have been given a very important duty in what, in these challenging times, compounded by Covid-19 can only be described as one of the most essential Government Ministries of the day. That is the Ministry of Human Development.

It is my personal belief that a great measure of a country’s success is its response to the well-being of its most vulnerable persons. In our case the classification of vulnerable persons is extensive. We bear the responsibility to attend to the needs of Indigenous Affairs, families with a particular focus on women, children, at-risk youth, persons living with HIV, differently-abled persons. and the list goes on.

While the overview of the vast responsibility of this Ministry was initially daunting to me as this is my first time being elected to office, further research into the workings of the Ministry gave my mind much ease. I am confident that Minister Balderamos and I, in collaboration with all of you, who play such a vital role in working towards the best outcomes in the Ministry of Human Development, will be able to establish an ideal working relationship with the best interest of those we serve at heart.

In keeping with this administration’s motto of ‘Everybody fi win’, I believe that Minister Balderamos and I are stepping into our duties with the commitment to directing all resources available to us in an effective and efficient manner for the betterment of all Belizeans. For this reason, I believe that programs geared towards addressing the many food and financial needs of the most vulnerable must be assessed to ensure that resources are disbursed in the most equitable manner to the households and persons who are most in need and in whose situation they will have the greatest social impact.

Our society is plagued by the many ills, most if not all stemming from the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, crime, and most recently highlighted as a focus of concern, mental health. I admire the tremendous work being done by the Community rehabilitation Department and can appreciate as an educator the commitment that has to go into addressing the issues plaguing our vulnerable communities in particular our youth.

It is my hope that during my time here I will be able to learn more about the operations of the various departments and also utilize my experience as an educator for over 30 years, as well as my experience working with persons from vulnerable sections of our society, to make meaningful change in the Ministry of Human Development.

I do not think that any organization is perfect. It is for this reason that I am humbled to be here and open to learning, as well as I am sure, Minister Balderamos is, and eager to address your concerns as the persons who have been at the helm of the in workings of The Ministry of Human Development. I am hopeful you too will be open to addressing any shortfalls encountered so far ahead on, with an intention to improve in areas that require improvement and build upon areas where we are already strong.

To sum up I would like to leave you with a quote by Ghandi that I think encompasses the work we hope to do here: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

It is my hope that in working together for the betterment of all Belizeans, we will all in the end have a fulfilling experience.

Thank You