We are just days away from the 2020 general election.  This year started with seemingly insurmountable challenges, our economy which was already on the brink of disaster took a nose dive into the abyss of despair during the pandemic.  Thousands of people were left unemployed.  Currently, thousands of Belizeans have been left disenfranchised, with no access to social safety nets nor any support of any kind.  Farmers which are the guardians of our food security have been left out in the cold by the UDP waiting on the meager handouts that never came.  After years of drought, this week the agriculture industry has been swept away by floods.

Many more Belizeans have been displaced by these floods and have made social distancing protocols more difficult to maintain.  Many of our systems have failed under the stress of the pandemic, most notably the public health systems have completely buckled.  The deep flaws in our education system will not be fixed with the freebie tablets.  Lastly, the corruption that exists is both systemic and chronic, but since the shutdowns has now become acute.

We have come to this; we have hit rock bottom.  Over the years, each time we thought they could sink us no lower, the UDP proved us wrong.  It has been twelve long years of abuse, neglect, and scandal after scandal.   We can no longer, any of us, afford to waste another minute let alone five more years with this unscrupulous bunch.  The entire future of Belize is at stake, and the power for change lies in the hands of every registered voter.  By and large, the electorate has long ago made up their mind about who they will vote for next week Wednesday.  It is clear as day that we not only want a change, we need it desperately if we are to survive and thrive once again.  Belizeans are hopeful that after November 11th when they have changed this lawless government, we can look forward to the New Year with renewed hope.

The PUP is not peddling dreams.  They will go to Belmopan with concrete plans, after countless hours of research and consultation.  The current socio-economic panorama requires urgent and skilled attention, not improvisations and second best guesses.  Our economy is buried under mounds of debt like pibil and cannot be left up to a man that would squander on casual celebrations like tacos, beer and other frivolities while children go to bed hungry and are absent from school.  Nation building is for servant leaders such as John Briceño and his team of thirty.  We urge you to come out to the polls early, to practice all the safety protocols, and to Vote BLU for the PUP candidate in your area.  With the PUP-Everybody fi Win-Todos Ganamos!