ALL Constituencies won as a part of planBelize including Mesopotamia, Queen’s Square, Corozal North, Collet, and Albert.


As a nation we have kept the faith, from adult suffrage in 1958 to this day. We have kept Belizean democracy strong. So that once more we bear witness to the peaceful transfer of authority from one administration to another. As we say, ‘the people have spoken.’ Long live democracy.”Now Prime Minister John Briceño at the Victory Speech on Election Night

Ganamos todos’…we all won at the 11th November Belize 2020 General Elections… this winning includes even the electorate that voted for the United Democratic Party and for the 3rd Parties and Independents. The world can once more look at Belize and be amazed at how in one day we can transition to another government. Surely, that process can be improved but the peace and tranquility that is instilled from the results of our life-altering election is really a testament to the Belizean desire for peaceful progress. The people of Belize registered a historic 26 to 5 pummelling of the embattled government who was way past their due in a Price peaceful manner.

The following day, the Hon. John Briceño from Orange Walk Central was sworn-in as the Belize’s 5th Prime Minister. The people of Orange Walk Town returned their beloved son to Belmopan with the clear knowledge that he would, with the overall People’s United Party majority seats, then, be constitutionally elevated to the highest political office in the land. Even as George Price hailed with roots in Yo Creek Village in the Orange Walk District, the Hon. John Briceño will forever be described as the first Prime Minister from a constituency not in Belize City.

As the sun blazed in a November-type calmness, the people of Belize braved Covid-19 and floodwaters, and wore their masks and sanitized for dear life. The Belizeans who manned our democracy in the voting rooms were truly up to the challenge and must be commended…thanks, on every Belizean’s behalf. Nothing would impede the electorate from marking the ballot to be counted in an exercise of protest and with the desire to improve our lives.

Flipped became an overused word in the night broadcasts. The BLU team was living up to its billing. John Briceño’s mantra since 2016 was that he was ready to lead. On November 11, 2020, he led the PUP candidates to a monumental trouncing of the now former incumbents who had proved to be worthless tyrants to our democracy and incompetent at improving Belizean lives.

There is truly a plan. This PUP has taken on the historic responsibility to steward a political architectural masterpiece called planBelize. The youthful body politic has spoken and the mandate is clear…twenty six to five. That lopsided advantage is the apostille offered to be able to look at the constitution and countenance meaningful reform that can serve Belize now so that OUR victory would not be pyrrhic but a true enhancement of our lives.