Letter: Our Commuters are still Stressing over the Tickets Fiasco left by the UDP


Dear Editor,

I was at the bus terminal waiting for the bus. As I sat there minding my own business a person approached me and asked me in Spanish…”Wasn’t it in the news that they were going to sell tickets?”

I smirked.

Deep in 2020, the UDP wrote into an SI, one week before the elections, that forced in a ticket system that reflected the corrupt UDP–it served no one.

In fact, this ticket line is the ideal place for the spread of the same coronavirus they monumentally failed in containing. The UDP succeeded only in flying in the Corona with its own private protocol into the PGIA. Karma has yet to catch up with the UDP for that am sure. The election loss was only their welcome into hades.

So the technologically savvy(joke) UDP imposed this: When the bus arrives at the terminal the conductor rushes to some makeshift un-sanitized booth to ‘sell’ tickets. So instead of rushing to the bus, passengers rush, without any social distances prepared nor enforced, to purchase a ticket. The ticket does not have any seat number. Then when the bus leaves, the bus picks up anyone at will at any spot even just at the gates of the terminal.

So, my short answer to the man, “No.”

In the technology year 2020, we cannot pre-purchase our tickets not even manually.

My last letter to the editor voiced the hope that a new PUP government opens industries that would diminish the need to commute especially in rash conditions. Here I add…I am sure the PUP will upgrade the bus commute system in Belize. Many are hopeful of improved conditions.

Daily Commuter