Letter: Utterly Disgusted


Dear Editor,

I pen this letter in utter disgust and anger.  How dare the UDP administration try to handcuff the newly elected PUP Government by giving cronies and CEO’s lucrative long-term contracts just weeks or days before the General Elections?  This has become a modus operandi of the UDP.  No decency or respect with these guys.  Barrow is a son of a ____ if he allowed or even condoned such contracts.  I can even go to the point of alleging that he encouraged such.

Piggyback to former Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley who signed a multi-year contract with Candice Miller that ended up costing the taxpayers of Belize City a handsome sum of money.  Cold hard cash that could have gone into the delivery of the goods and services the city needed ended up in the hands of a callous don’t give a damn former city administrator.  What happened with Candice Miller is unforgivable.  Both Candice and her former boss deserves nothing less than to be swing from the Swing Bridge.  They are bloodsuckers and leeches.  Editor I am in no wise condoning of violence.  What Bradley and Miller did is despicable and they do not deserve to be among decent human beings.

Fast forward to the Barrow administration. Let us start with the Boledo Contract issued to Brads and to some degree Anwar Barrow for ten years just four months before the General Elections.  This must be CRIMINAL.  If not criminal totally unethical and borders on serious mental insanity.  Add to this the contracts given to CEOs and Directors of various boards and Statutory Bodies.

Now Editor, it is one thing for these corrupt politicians, Dean Barrow included, to turn a blind eye or encourage this skullduggery.  It is another thing for professionals in their greed to lose all shame and decency and go along with it.  Were I Karen Bevans, I would have already tendered my resignation. It is the decent and professional thing to do.  It is obvious that professionalism and decency have gone out the back door and these people must be shamed and disgraced out of their lucrative contracts.

I am happy that PM Briceño has indicated that his government will within the first hundred days pass retroactive legislation to weed out these leeches and I would be elated if this legislation also touches those leeches at the Municipal level so that we never have another Candice Miller…..EVER. This legislation cannot come soon enough.

My humble advice to all these people sitting on Boards and in positions that were politically appointed.  Save yourself the embarrassment and resign.  The people of Belize by a huge majority said they were done with the UDP and with Corruption.

Get the HELL OUT…your time is up ….UDP days are over, and that makes you ‘collateral damage’…Dean Se So….

Thanks Editor

Real Talk