Magical Turning Point


By Ricardo Moguel Rosado

November 11 was a magical turning point in the electoral history of Belize. On the night before, we went to sleep with anticipation and great expectations knowing that the work had been done to achieve a great victory. All that was needed was the people’s seal on the ballot papers to make it a lasting 5-year contract. With an overwhelming mark on the blue the people spoke with great authority and sent the UDP back to the drawing board. With all the noise and Covid – 19 infested nation, the voters of Belize defied the risk and turnout in great numbers to liberate our country.

The victory was devastating for the UDP and all the country, despite restrictions, celebrated in their own way. The legacy of the UDP was shattered and all the major corruption and hustling are slowly being exposed. It is worse than we thought. But the country’s economy needs to be jump started and without hesitation or a minute to waste, the new Prime Minister, Hon. Johnny Briceño, got down to work. He chose some of the best operatives in their field and ask them to join the reconstruction of the nation. Everything is slowly falling in place. The experience of the old is being joined with the enthusiasm and qualifications of the young to produce positive results that will benefit all. Our most precious asset is our Belizean people and we have the talent here for greatness.

As miraculous as the election results may appear, managing the peace or reconstruction is the job of giants. It is not an easy task to normalize the economy first then make it grow to create jobs for the young. Many expected overnight miracles but the reality is different than TV Shows. We must have the proper management in place. The media, as sensational as they are, has painted a dark picture on many without going through hard investigative facts. The CEO’s chosen so far are competent and will produce good results for the country. They are dedicated and love Belize above everything and know that we must serve the country. Every government is given 100 days to produce results.  This is the litmus test for the PUP. Judge the results and then speak out your truth. Everyone knows that Johnny always stands against corruption even at the risk of losing much, so let’s see how his formula works. If they are incompetent and no-productive then we have all the right to raise our voices to heaven and clamor for better. We have just changed therefore good results are imperative especially for our young people to become part owner of Belize, something they have been denied.

For 12 years most of us were silent but these CEO’s were ever vigilant over the welfare of the nation. The PUP stood against all that was rotten in the state. Johnny even led a protest against an inept corrupt government and went to Tower Hill toll bridge where he met the great Whoppy, a man who enjoyed whopping and tear gassing PUP’s back in the day. This at his own risk. All stood with him asking for nothing but a free Belize. Now we have a liberated Belize and we must defend it at all costs. Let us learn to manage the peace and produce results for the nation and not just engage in talk. Give solutions and help the reconstruction.

Belize deserves better, Belize deserves a government that works for all. Everybody fi win but the tyrants must flee this tranquil haven of democracy.