Message for Garifuna Settlement Day


Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. John Briceño

November 19, 2020

Friends, family and fellow Belizeans.

Every year I look forward to going down to Dangriga for the Uremei and to experience our wonderful Garifuna culture. This year things are different and we cannot gather together. Of course, we can still take the time to once again pay homage to and celebrate our Garifuna brothers and sisters.

History tells us that Garinagu people are of grit and continuity. Their beliefs, customs and culture have withstood some of the greatest challenges the world has ever seen. And yet, here we are today preserving this great culture for generations to come.

I like this year’s theme,  ‘Garinagu, United and Strong, moving forward despite the challenges.’

I like it because it is a testament to the endurance of the Garinagu. As a nation, we can all embrace this mind-set during a time of such unprecedented uncertainty. Challenges will arise and seek to throw us off course but together we can overcome anything

So as we celebrate, please stay safe, let us keep the health of our fellow Belizeans in mind.

I know we will all miss lining the streets to watch the parades and dance to the heartbeat of the Garifuna drums. But those festive events will soon return and when they do, we will celebrate together.

To Belizeans all across the nation let’s take care of each other by practicing physical distancing, wearing facemasks, and keeping good hygiene.

Happy Garifuna Settlement Day!