PlanBelize in Action


New Cabinet Sworn-In

The new Government of Belize is moving forward with a precise destination—execution of planBelize for the betterment of the lives of all Belizeans. Since August 16, the People’s United Party licked Dean Barrow/Faber with a planBelize fist that knocked them out cold, never to recuperate. John Briceño and the People’s United Party issued the Education Policy, then Health, followed by Agriculture, Family, Women, Rural Living, Housing, Justice, Economy, Tourism, and ended the virtual rollouts of the BLU plans with a Manifesto, laden with historical all over.

The BLU manifesto had George Price-development-of-Belize imbued all over. The people are going to be served. The PUP has corruption as enemy number one; the UDP is tantamount to that failure to serve the people, due to their corrupt ways.

As opposed to 2008 when the people voted out the PUP, the November 11 General Elections saw a John Briceño-led PUP swept into government along with a Manifesto based under the all-encompassing planBelize. Each of the separate sections Education etc. took months of innovative work carried out by teams put together by the then leader and now Prime Minister Briceño. All the plans can still be perused at The PUP is not afraid to be put to task and they expect to be held accountable.

Transparency has begun and the UDP cringe at the idea that ALL the UDP 2008-2020 books will be exposed. Any illegal acts will be followed by due process. No one is above the law. Name the ministry and it will be scrutinized. As the elections dust is settling, it is showing that the Faber concession was a lie—even his concession is a corrupted one.

Prime Minister Briceño is looking forward to the next five years to a Belize that will progress, to a Belize whose economy will make everyone’s finances better, to a Belize where Covid-19 is a memory, to a Belize where Agriculture bolsters Tourism, to a Belize where being Healthy is everyone’s goal, to a Belize where Education bolsters job and entrepreneurial opportunities, to a Belize where small and medium is as important as corporate, to a Belize where crime does not lead the news.

Our lives will be better in 2025 that is a guarantee that our democracy bestows. The team that has been put together by the person who got the super-mandate. Prime Minister John Briceño will NOT take the love of the people for granted. He will not let down the 31 constituencies.

We here at the Belize Times will tell the Belizean people that the People’s United Party is for real and that planBelize is now being executed and it will be like clockwork—nothing will happen before it should. The 11th November mandate will be one that will handled with care by PM Briceño, there is no doubt about that. The constitutional level liberties that this government has been given by the people will be handled with the utmost respect by PM John Briceño, such is his heart.

—-Words from the heart of a young member of the United Women’s Group: I believe in my new government and, as I said the day before elections, I will hold them accountable because it is my future and my children’s future I’m looking out for.

I am also a very qualified, educated young PUP woman, and I do not know how to run an entire ministry. No, I cannot ‘learn along the way’ because if I ‘mess’ up, the country ‘messes’ up.

We need experienced people in these (government) posts.

I will give them a chance because I believe in planBelize, I believe in the good governance agenda and I want to see the Anti-Corruption policy in action.”



The Office of the Prime Minister Announces

Cabinet Appointments

Belmopan. November 13, 2020. 6:00 p.m.

The Prime Minister Hon. John Briceño will advise his Excellency the Governor General Sir Colville Young to make the following appointments of Ministers of Government pursuant to section 40 of the Constitution, and the following Ministers of State pursuant to section 45 of the Constitution. The Prime Minister will also advise the Governor General to appoint the Attorney General pursuant to section 40 (2) of the Constitution.


  Minister & Portfolio Minister of State
1 John Briceño

Prime Minister, Finance, Economic Development & Investment

Mike Espat

Christopher Coye


2 Cordel Hyde

Deputy Prime Minister, Natural Resources, Petroleum & Mining

Ramiro Ramirez
3 Abelardo Mai

Agriculture, Food Security, & Enterprise

4 Rodwell Ferguson

Public Utilities & Logistics

5 Julius Espat

Infrastructure Development & Housing

6 Francis Fonseca

Education, Culture, Science & Technology

Louis Zabaneh
7 Florencio Marin

National Defence & Border Security

Oscar Mira
8 Oscar Requeña

Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour & Local Government

9 Dolores Balderamos Garcia

Human Development, Families & Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs

Gilroy Usher
10 Kareem Musa

Home Affairs & New Growth Industries

11 Orlando Habet

Sustainable Development, Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management

12 Kevin Bernard

Youth, Sports & E-Governance

13 Michel Chebat

Health & Wellness

14 Anthony Mahler

Tourism & Diaspora Relations

15 Andre Perez

The Blue Economy & Civil Aviation

16 Henry Charles Usher

Public Service, Constitutional & Political Reform

17 Eamon Courtenay

Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade & Immigration

Ramon Cervantes
18 Magali Marin Young SC

Attorney General



Ambassador Stuart Leslie will serve as Cabinet Secretary and Chief of Staff.


Chief Executive Officers will be announced at a later date.






 Cabinet Holds First Meeting

Belmopan, November 17, 2020. 12:25 p.m.

The Office of the Prime Minister hereby announces that Cabinet, at its first meeting on November 16th, 2020, was briefed on the following national issues:

  • Public health crisis arising from COVID-19 outbreak presented by Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services, and Nurse Melinda Guerra;
  • Impact of Hurricane ETA and floods presented by Col. Shelton Defour, National Disaster Coordinator for the National Emergency Management Organization;
  • State of Public Finances and the Economy presented by Mr. Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary; Ambassador Joy Grant, Governor of the Central Bank; and Mr. Kareem Michaels, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank; and
  • National Security matters presented by Mr. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police; Brigadier General Steven Ortega, Commander, Belize Defence Force; and Lt. Gregory Soberanis, Acting Vice Commander, Belize Coast Guard.

The meeting followed the swearing-in of the new Cabinet.