It is ugly and despicable. The way Dean Barrow, Patrick Faber and the UDP government have abused their positions to allow waste, squanders, thief and misuse of public monies.

We are not talking thousands of dollars, not even millions of dollars, but hundreds of millions of precious dollars which could have made the lives of Belizeans much better.

What they did is criminal.

What did they do? They approved over 100 million dollars in building contracts to one family. The Arguelles’.

They approved the legalized theft of public assets, being the boledo and lottery and gave it to political crony Brads by Belcan Bridge and a secret partner. That secret partner is now strongly alleged to be the Prime Minister’s son -Gregory Anwar Barrow.

The contract was for ten long years—from 2010 to 2020. It is estimated to be worth over FIFTY million dollars per year.

When the ten years was up in June of this year. The Prime Minister again renewed it for another TEN years. A total of TWENTY YEARS. Are we talking a Billon dollars’ worth of revenue?  Stolen from the government and people of Belize? To be put in the pockets of ANWAR, BRADS and who else?

The allegations are serious.

Very serious.

It would represent one of the biggest heists of government monies being diverted to private pockets.

How could Dean Barrow get himself so entangled in such a scheme? Is he a crook?

Upon becoming Prime Minister his words were- let the good times roll. It is time for us (UDP Ministers) to eat.

He started enriching his ex-wife Lois Young Barrow. She was seen running from one Court house to the next. Doing legal work at exorbitant prices when ten government lawyers sat in the Solicitor General office employed to do the very same work.

Then the Prime Minister brother got in the act. He too was drinking milk and honey from government coffers.

Then the new wife was appointed special Envoy on a special salary her pet project -a Wellness Center started off with funds diverted from various Ministries (taxpayers monies again); we are talking hundreds, upon hundreds of thousands of dollars. There were printed invitations for wealthy persons to attend a fund raiser in Dubai. Wow!

The Prime Minister (or should we sarcastically say crime Minister); – he has presided over the longest and worst period of crime and murders.

The Crime Minister’s other son, who had been shining in a U.S jail for eight years was deported to Belize. He was made Ambassador for music and given a fat salary and a fat budget – all from taxpayers monies.

Oh! For a dad like Dean. So loving, so caring, so facilitating- with public monies.

What was the genesis of this Boledo scam? A multimillion dollars enrichment scheme… You think Saldivar and his tranches are smart, check Dean Barrow, he selected the perfect tool, or should that be perfect fool, Godwin Hulse. Hulse was a Senator representing Chamber of Commerce. He was always talking of honesty in government and was against corruption.

Barrow appointed him chairman of a committee to see how to take away the Boledo/lottery from the government and give it to private persons.

Hulse came through with flying colors. He was later appointed by the same “dean is clean” to be a Minister. Since then, he sees no corruption, hears of no corruption, and knows of no corruption -in the most corrupt government our country has ever had.

Asked by Krem radio reporter Marisol who owned the Brads Boledo contract, Minister Hulse’s incredible and arrogant response was “go find out yourself.”

Well, we are finding out brother, slowly but surely we are all finding out. Somewhere in the Gospel of Luke is written words that whatever is done in the dark will come to light. Dean Barrow and his son Anwar Barrow are now being invertigated for the shenanigans over the boledo and lottery contract.

Should government change next Wednesday, the investigation will turn into a criminal one, with an overseas forensic audit team to be followed by possibly the FBI and Interpol.

There, likely, will be other investigations of Dean Barrow and, also, of Gregory Anwar. Surely, what we have been hearing of BTL monies demand another forensic audit and criminal investigation.

There is also that bone in the people’s throat. Following a secret meeting with Lord Ashcroft in Miami, the crime minister signed a secret deal to pay over 500 million dollars for unlawfully taking BTL from its private owners.

Lord Ashcroft has now stated in a public letter the amount was 580 MILLION dollars. Belizeans are itching to know which law firm got a ten percent of 580 million dollars.

At the press briefing held Tuesday 3rd November by Johnny Briceño, Julius Espat and Eamon Courtney to provide the sensational information on Barrow, Brads, Anwar and the millions. Attorney Eamon Courtney said in answer to a question- the situation “…is remarkable, it is alarming.”

Eamon also said Dean Barrow like every citizen is innocent until proven guilty.  The people of Belize deserve to know if he is guilty. That can only happen if there is a thorough FBI type of investigation.

What is also remarkable and alarming is the silence of the UDP with all the information that has reached the Belizean people of corrupt behavior- bloated contracts, crooked deals, immigration scandals, Castro buying racing bike with civil Aviation money, Gapi selling private lands to family members, suspicious million dollars contracts at BTL, unnecessary airport road for 33 million dollars, Herman Longworth allegedly stealing sports monies, the Saldivar tranches, and on and on. Patrick Faber has said not a word. He too is smeared with his multimillion dollars tablets.

No Minister, no CEO, no one has shown any moral fiber, any principle any sense of responsibility to say something, anything to distance themselves from the large cesspool of corruption that is the legacy of 12 years of Dean Barrow and his gang.

It is important that Dean Barrow be fully investigated. It would be even more important if he were to be found guilty of a crime. For sure he broke the criminal law in the Finance and Audit Act over Petrocaribe monies.

If Barrow is found guilty, it would not only restore some faith in our governance, but it would be an alarming message to all incoming and further Ministers, CEOs and cronies. Don’t mess with public monies.